Warning: If You Can’t End A Fight In Under 9 Seconds
93% Chance You’re Going To The Ground

Are you prepared?

Revealed: How To Shock Your Attacker When You Leave
Your Feet — Your Victory Is Assured Using The Simple
“Ground Fighter” Strategies On This Page

By Todd Lamb
Vancouver, October 27, 2021

I hear it all the time… Never let a fight go to the ground

It’s the kind of advice you hear from instructors who don’t understand real-life violent encounters.

And it’s both nonsense and dangerous

First, it’s estimated that 93% of all fights that last more than 8 to 10 seconds are going to the ground. So unless you’re so confident in your skills that you know you can end it quickly, be prepared.

And once a fight goes to the ground… it stays there.1

Second, if you DO know what you are doing on the ground, you become nearly undefeatable once you leave your feet.

That’s not an empty claim. I’m living proof as you’ll see in a minute.

Look: If I can use these skills you can too. I don’t have a black belt and I haven’t spent a single minute in a jiu-jitsu class…

I simply stumbled upon the simple Ground Fighter skills I’ll share with you today, that anyone can learn quickly and apply even under severe stress.

So make sure you read the rest of this page because you’re about to get access to the exact covert ground fighting skills that guarantee your victory when things get messy!

“Sport Fighting” Techniques Are Too Complicated
(And Might Get You Killed)

Did you know it takes around 10 years to get a black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu?

And don’t get me wrong, once those guys get to that level they are a force of nature. However…

Even 5 or 6 years into their training, most of them would be dead or in the hospital if a street fight ever went to the ground. In fact YouTube is littered with BJJ street fight “fails”.

I shudder to think what would have happened to me on the streets as a SWAT guy if I had tried some of the dumb shit I’ve seen “experts” suggest on the internet.

Let’s just say on at least one occasion I would have watched as a size 12 shoe crushed my skull. I’ll tell you about that in a sec…

Effective Ground Fighting For The Street Does Not Require Years Of
Study In A Martial Arts Studio

How long do you think it took me to become confident fighting from the ground?

A year? 2 years? 6 months? The answer may shock you.

I’ve probably spent about 7 hours TOTAL learning and practicing ground fighting.

The reason is because I was lucky enough to meet and become friends with a guy who has simplified the art of fighting from the ground down to a handful of simple yet devastating skills that you can master quickly, no matter your age or your level of experience.

You’ll meet him in a minute, first I have a story to show you just how very valuable these skills are.

It was Christmas Eve in 2001. Not much snow, but it was cold and damp. Everything was quiet and then we got a call over the radio…

“Dispatch to all units in the area… Priority 1 Assault In Progress… Caller reports hearing screams coming from an unknown location in the area of 56th Street and 111th Ave.”

No doubt… this one was going to get messy.

As we closed in on the house we were assaulted by the kind of blood-curdling scream that makes the hairs on the back of your neck stand on end.

And out the front door of the house tumbled a woman who looked like she just crawled through a battlefield filled with barbed wire.

Through her sobs and her laboured breathing all we could make out was a weak help me

Yet as we tried to comfort her, at the doorway to the house appeared the shadowed figure of a massive male holding a hammer at his side.

As he screamed obscenities at us, his breath steamed from his nose and mouth in the cold winter air like he was some kind of raging bull.

Both my partner and I drew our pistols and gave the man directions to drop his weapon. But it wasn’t until he heard the sirens of our approaching backup that he came back to his senses and complied.

Well, he seemed to comply until the time came to put the cuffs on him, which is when he went berserk and the next thing I knew my feet were flying out from under me on the icy driveway as this guy resisted arrest…

At this point you’d think I was a goner right? Except…

“I Knew I’d Win As Soon As My Back Hit The Ground”

Well this guy thought he had me at that point too.

I could see the look of triumph in his eyes as he starting working himself in to deliver one of his ham sized fists to my face or bring one of his size 12 shoes down to crack my head open.

What this guy didn’t know, and probably wishes he did… was that fighting from the ground can be just as devastating if not more than fighting from your feet… IF you have a certain set of skills.

I knew beyond doubt it was just a matter of time. And I waited for my opening. Then at one point as he stepped in, both of his feet were on either side of my hips… it was my moment to strike.

Before he could throw down his sledgehammer sized fists I quickly put both of my hands behind his heels.

In that split second, I pulled with everything I had, drawing his feet toward my armpits, popping my hips to the air and driving down on his thighs with my legs…

His torso hit the ground with the sound a basketball makes when it bounces off the ground. And I calmly cuffed the guy and read him his rights as he lay their trying to get a breath back into his shocked lungs.

Remember: everything I know about fighting from the ground I learned in just a few hours. I don’t know any fancy techniques. I simply understand some strategies and skills that work every single time, no matter how big or strong your opponent is.

Look, you COULD take 10 years of your life and get a black belt in something like BJJ. I have no doubt you’d be able to defeat nearly any attacker. If that’s your gig, go for it. I prefer something else…

The Answer Is Found Within The Ground Fighter Method

I confess that I can’t take all the credit for the skills you’re about to discover. Like I said, I was lucky to stumble on a ground fighting master of sorts. His deep understanding of what it takes to win a life-or-death encounter — along with my experience putting his methods to work on the streets as a cop and a SWAT Team leader — have resulted in our trademarked protocol called Ground Fighter™. It uses highly specific skills and unique strategies that are working for thousands of men already.

Inside the Ground Fighter™ System you quickly discover…

How do we know all of this?

My name is Todd Lamb, retired SWAT Team leader and CEO of Alpha Nation, the greatest and most popular media outlet for men who desire the Strength, Skills, Health & Wealth To Lead, Nurture and Protect — that’s how we define the “Alpha Life”.

And the guy who showed me every ground fighting skill I’ll ever need to know in just 7 hours? His name is Ari Knazan. He’s got a BJJ Black Belt and owns his own MA studio. More importantly, he’s spent almost 20 years in the trenches as a bouncer and then as personal security for high-risk clients. Which means he’s had to get himself out of some pretty sticky situations…

Our Method Is Tested In The Trenches, NOT Rolling On The Mats

Now, I don’t want to trash martial artists. As you now know, Ari himself holds multiple black belts. And I really respect the devotion those guys have for their sport.

However, I just don’t have the patience or the time for that. And if you’re like most guys who have already learned the Ground Fighter™ system, you don’t either.

So if you don’t care about being able to wrestle your buddies for fun. And if you don’t want to be able to step onto the mats and “roll” with an opponent. But you just really want to know that you’ll have the devastating skills you need if you find yourself on the ground against a violent attacker, then the simple System we created is exactly what will give you the confidence you need.

REMEMBER, every single skill that made it into the Ground Fighter system is there because it passed the test over and over again. Any skill that did not have a 100% success rate for Ari or myself while were were in the field protecting our lives and those of others, it did not make it into this system.

And if a skill required more than an hour and a bit of drilling to master then it automatically got rejected.

Only the most simple, easy-to-learn and 100% devastating techniques made the cut.

These Field-Tested Ground Fighting Skills Are Really Hard To Find

Unless you have a chance to test your fighting skills against actual opponents, or you have the benefit of learning from someone who has, you simply can’t find this 100% effective ground fighting system anywhere else except on this page.

Sure, you can find thousands — probably millions — of videos on YouTube that claim to show you how to fight from the ground. But unless these so-called experts have spent hundreds of hours actually testing their “theories” on actual opponents in the streets they just can’t guarantee that when the shit hits the fan their techniques are going to work.

Why would you risk your well-being or even your life when we’ve already done all the work for you and we can guarantee to make you a completely effective ground fighter in a tiny fraction of the time it would take you to master a martial art?

So it’s up to you… Just use the reliable system we’ve created for you, or start digging around for hours on the internet and hope you figure out enough to keep you safe when the time comes…

Because These Ground Fighting Skills Do Not Rely On Your Physical
Strength, They Work For Every Man No Matter Your Age

Over the past 20 years, Ari and I have seen some amazing things happen when guys learn to master the simple and most basic principles.

We’ve seen 70 year old guys wipe the sidewalk with young thugs who thought they were picking on weak prey.

We’ve seen a pencil-necked “suit” draw gasps and looks of shock after destroying a bully who made the mistake of pushing him to the floor at a bar.

And as a guy who measures in at a towering 5’6” I can tell you I’ve brought guys almost twice my weight to tears using my Ground Fighter™ skills.

Listen: the reason it works is because the Ground Fighter™ system does not depend on your strength. You use leverage and momentum to defeat your opponent.

In fact, we often find the system works even BETTER for guys who are smaller or who can’t rely on brute strength, because they immediately understand they can’t “muscle” their way through.

You’ll Never Fear The Fight Going To The Ground

Listen: Without a doubt the very first thing we want you to do is try to AVOID a fight. De-escalating the situation is the first priority. However…

Once you know shit’s gonna get real — and you’ll know — then the #1 thing that determines the outcome is your confidence. If you’re frightened. If you hesitate. If you are timid because you are scared about the fight going to the ground, you lose before you begin.

Which is why it’s critical to learn the Ground Fighter skills. Because when you know a ground fight actually turns the tide in your favor… Well there’s a saying that goes like this: “A victorious warrior wins first… then goes to war.”

And that’s how you’ll feel going into any fight. You’re prepared to win. And you do.

Everything You Need To Control A Ground Fight Is Packed Into This
System Of Short And Easy-To-Master Videos

All you have to do is pull up the video for one of the Ground Fighter skills onto your phone, tablet or computer.

Simply watch it once and then run through the movements on your own to get a feel for the movements and principles. Rest assured that the skills are so in tune with your natural human reflexes that you’ll have no problem absorbing them.

Then you just review each video and skill once a week for about a month until they are all ingrained. After that simply reviewing one skill a week for about 7 minutes will be plenty to maintain your skills permanently.

So, let's recap what we know so far:

The fastest way to become an effective ground fighter is to use simple skills that turn your opponent's weight and momentum against him. NOT fancy martial arts techniques that take years to learn…

The mistake you absolutely MUST AVOID is to use your own strength against your opponent. Which is why your own strength, age or size is no longer relevant for you to win.

The solution is found in a simplified approach to ground fighting… one that does not demand fancy techniques… and one that takes only hours to completely master…

The results have been proven throughout years of trial and error on the streets… and now, YOU can have the perfected version of this exact system of 100% field-tested skills.

My Buddy Took A Beating So You Don’t Have To

Listen: It took Ari years to figure out a ground fighting system so easy to learn, and that has such a high, high success rate… one so EASY to apply in real life that anyone can make it work.

However, don’t make the mistake of thinking he worked all this out in his dojo. Yes, he has several black belts and he loves that part of the fighting arts. That’s not where he learned what works on the streets though.

To learn that. To bring you the best ground fighting skills. To give you the stuff that works every single time no matter how big you are or how strong you are. He had to put boots on the ground.

For almost 20 years he put all his skills to the test — from bouncing at the seediest biker bars to working security for high-risk clients.

Believe me, he’s got the scars to prove it. Which is lucky for you. Because each scar. Each bloody nose. Each fractured bone was a lesson for him. It exposed the fancy martial art techniques that may be fun to learn in the dojo, but just don’t work out on the street.

Warning: YouTube Warriors Beware

As a SWAT guy, I’ve been on calls where I saw first hand what happens when guys “teach themselves” how to fight from YouTube videos or cheesy martial arts DVDs. It’s not pretty…

I fear we may even be partially to blame. You see, guys hear about how simple it is to master our fighting systems, and some assume they can just do it by themselves, without the benefit of our life in the school of hard knocks

Well, at best they end up looking foolish for picking a fight they can’t win. At worst they end up in the hospital or in a pine box. That’s because the Ground Fighter skills are highly specific.

Simple? Yes!! Yet it took Ari years to chisel away the complexity of ground fighting to make it THAT simple for YOU…

Think of it this way… would you go and pick a fight with a burly biker just cause you watched a Steven Seagal movie last night? I hope not. Yet that’s exactly what you’re doing if you try to go it alone without specific and tested ground fighting skills.

Wait: This Might Not Be For You

On one hand I really, really want EVERY worthy man to benefit from these skills. On the other hand unless you meet some minimum conditions I just don’t think you’ll have what it takes to master these skills, and in that case I don’t want you to waste your money. (even though I fear you’ll regret your lack of skill some day in the future)

So Look, The Ground Fighter System Is WRONG For You If:

Don't Be Fooled By How Simple This System Looks

Do you know why Bruce Lee is one of the most famous martial artists of all time?

It’s because he simplified everything! He took nothing for granted. He put every technique through the grinder and shaved away the fluff. And when you watch footage of him fighting — really sparring or fighting, not the souped up movie fight scenes — you’ll notice efficient he is.

You see, simple is not simplistic. Making something simple is going to the heart of WHY it works, and using just what works, and nothing more.

So please don’t be fooled about how simple the Ground Fighter™ system looks. It will work for you, precisely because it is so simple, guaranteed.

Why It’s Just $27

As you’ll find out in a second, I had to fight for you to make sure your price today would be so affordable.

My team asked me to price it at $67. (and very soon I’m going to have to give in to their demands as you’ll see in a sec)

However for now I want to get this into the hands of as many men as possible before that happens. Which is why I’m pricing this to make it an absolute no-brainer for you today.

Because this system is self-published, I can get away with giving it to you at this price for now. Even though it represents almost 20 years of blood, bruise and fracture filled trial and error.

But taking a beating so you don’t have to, and taking some money out of our own pockets by giving you this low price is 100% worth it because we know how much having these skills will change your confidence and your life!

For You, I’m Doing Something Risky

I are SO confident that Ground Fighter will make you and effective fighter when you leave your feet that I’m willing to put my money where our mouth is by offering this DOUBLE guarantee, or your money-back:

Guarantee #1:

Use the Ground Fighter System for 60 days ON US. If you do not master the skills as easily and quickly as I say… I will give you 100% of your money back… OR:

Guarantee #2:

If you don't like the SERVICE you receive and the EASE of purchase, same guarantee: 100% of your money back!

I stand behind this product, AND our commitment to YOU and your success.

Heads Up: This Price Is Only Possible
For A Limited Number Of Men

Like I said, my team warns me every time…

Whenever we release a new course they tell me to make sure the price is high enough, because every time we run into the same problem.

I insist on putting the price so low that we get flooded with orders. And with all the brand new customers our servers get taxed, our Customer Experience team gets overworked (we get a ton of thank you notes that we love to answer), and I get in trouble from my team for putting so much strain on our system.

Well guess what, I’m willing to take that risk AGAIN this time. At least for a short while. I had to agree to my team that as soon as we start to feel the strain I would commit to raising the price to $67. So if you come back tomorrow and see that price staring back at you, you know why…

While This Page Is Still Up We Also Want To
Give You Some Awesome Free Gifts

Ari and I are super confident that we’re giving you access to the best ground fighting system ever developed. And that even if you were paying the full $67 price tag instead of the discounted $27 you could feel like you were pulling one over on us.

However we have even more that we want you to have today. We want you to be so thrilled with your decision to gain access the the Ground Fighter system that we’re including these incredible free EXTRAS for you…

FREE! Ground Fighter Quick Reference Guide

Even though the Ground Fighter videos are dead simple to use and follow, the Quick Reference Guide makes it even easier to hit the ground running and master every skill in the system as quickly as possible.

Many men who master the Ground Fighter system say the Quick Reference Guide cuts weeks off their learning time!

FREE! Ground Fighter Quickness & Agility Drills

  • Optional drills to make you faster and more agile in a fight
  • The 30-second exercise that can double your ground power
  • Simple flexibility exercises you can do in front of the TV
  • Warning: These drills may also cause runaway fat loss

FREE! Bar Fight Domination Manual

FREE! Command Presence Manual

Have you ever noticed that certain men — no matter how small or big — snap up the space in a room as soon as they walk in?

And have you ever wondered what it feels like to be that guy? The one who commands respect without even saying a word?

Do you know what’s different about guys like that? It’s simple…


I’ve seen 5’5” guys cause 6 foot thugs to turn around and walk away with nothing but a look.

I know it sounds woo-woo or mystical. But there’s a physical force that projects from guys that have self confidence. And…

Believe me when I tell that the root of true, deep and profound confidence for every man is the knowledge that they have the power to inflict violence on those who intend harm to them or their loved ones.

And there are certain tricks you can use instantly to magnify your aura of Alpha Dog confidence and power even more! These closely guarded methods create a virtual shield around you and your loved ones — and have been secretly taught to special operators, martial artists, spies and bodyguards throughout the ages.

Once you master these simple tricks — everyone around you will sense it. 9 times out of 10 that’ll be enough to stop potential attackers before they even think of making you the victim. Because let’s face it, most of these guys are looking to attack the easiest target…

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Remember, this is only free for a very limited time because I’m only able to take on a limited number of men in this exclusive coaching community. So act now to secure this free $79 value bonus.

Final Question:
Are You Man Enough?

One last piece of cold, hard truth for you — not every man I’ve met is capable of taking on this responsibility.

Yes! Every man is able to quickly learn these skills quickly. But it takes a certain kind of man to be worthy to possess them. If you’ve read this far, I think you are one of those men.

Which means it’s time for you to decide. You have two options. Your first option may SEEM easy — walk away now without the skills to win when a fight hits the ground.

However what seems easy right now will probably haunt you from today forward. You see, now you know these skills are right there within your grasp. And that in just hours you can become a fully effective ground fighter.

So think on this… if you leave here today without embracing your full potential to defend yourself and keep your loved ones safe from violence, can you live with yourself?

If you are pinned down on the ground by some thug while his friends have their way with your loved ones, will you ever forgive yourself for passing up on the chance to learn the skills that would have made the difference between safety and suffering for them?

I don’t want that regret and guilt for you. And I don’t think you want it either. I believe in YOU. I believe you are man enough to step up. I believe you’re ready to learn the simple Ground Fighter system that will give you the skills you need to go to the ground and win!

When You Accept The Opportunity To Master
The Ground Fighter Skills, You Will…

Act fast! Remember: Your discount may be gone
if you leave this page and come back later

$67 $27

Stand Apart,

Todd Lamb

PS — The time to act is before violence strikes. Do not put off to tomorrow what could keep your loved ones safe or even save your life today. As you now know, unless you can end a fight in seconds you are going to the ground. So act now and learn the skills you need before it’s too late.

PPS — Remember, there is no risk to you today. You have 60 full days to let us prove to you how easy-to-learn the Ground Fighter system is. And if you don’t have 100% confidence that you’re an effective ground fighter in the next 60 days just let us know and we’ll be happy to return your investment, 100%, no questions asked. There’s no way you can lose…

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