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The 5 1/2 Minute Trick To Get Bigger Arms

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Hey, today I want to tell you about a quick 5 1/2  minute trick to get bigger arms.

Listen, arms are the one thing that’s almost always available to compare. I mean…

Guys can’t go around ripping their shirts off to compare their abs, or dropping their pants to do a side by side of their thighs, right? However…Your arms are always on display and unfortunately…They also seem to be one of the spots men have the most trouble growing.

Now I am a dude who has never been genetically gifted when it comes to arms and I have  had to fight for every inch.. and wether you are like me or no there is a cool trick to get bigger arms so keep reading.

The simple 5½ minute technique I’ll share with you on this page is allowing thousands of guys around the world to pack inches onto their arms, thighs and their and other HARD to train muscles in as little as 2 to 4 weeks.

I’ve also got an interesting story of how I accidentally stumbled on this  muscle building method and why I was almost too scared to try it out..

I’ll admit. It was almost scary the first time I tried this new training protocol…

Screen Shot 2015-10-07 at 10.48.17 AM

It was literally like watching my biceps pump up like a balloon. And the veins were bulging like Arnold Schwarzenegger’s eyes when he hit the surface of Mars in Total Recall…(admit it man, that was kind of nuts).

Crazy thing is my arms stayed fuller and more vascular for 24 to 36 hours every time I used the protocol. And…I packed a legit ½ inch onto my upper arms in just 4 weeks. And my arm strength just kept climbing. In this picture you can see 2 things..the immediate vascularity in my arms AND a very light weight!

The thing I like most is that I can add this quick protocol to the end of ANY other workout program I’m using so I can keep growing my arms and thighs even if I’m working on some other goal at the same time.

It’s super simple too…

Believe it or not, all you need to make this simple protocol work is some inexpensive wrist wraps or surgical tubing, 5½ minutes, and a bit of tolerance for discomfort…Personally, I’ve always liked things that are bit outside the box even if it requires me to endure a bit of discomfort.

The protocol I developed is based on the science of managing blood flow. I’ll tell you exactly how it works and why it’s so effective in a minute.

First… Just know that researchers have shown that using this unique new training method can boost your muscle gains by as much as 30% to 300% in 2 to 4 weeks. And…

These massive gains are achieved with next to no weight so you can safely add this to your routine even if you’re injured or you already have a high workload in your regular training program.

Yet I almost missed out on this quick and powerful growth factor…

During my time as an operator I had heard about the groundbreaking advancements in new “top secret” training techniques.

There were a lot of stories about how  injured soldiers who were back to their units ASAP and they always seemed to be coming back stronger and bigger than they were before getting hurt. More recently it was discussed at a TSAC (Tactical Strength and Conditioning) Conference, which is all about getting soldiers and emergency personnel stronger and healthier. Injury down time is a major liability to military units, police and fire departments.

At the time I remember hearing something about experimental blood flow restriction training. However I was so busy on missions and training that I just filed it away…

Fast forward to the present. And I happen to team up with a new training partner. He’s finishing up his Ph.D. and he’s a national level strength and conditioning coach for Olympic athletes.

He starts talking about this weird “rehab” method he stumbled on. And how it has been adapted to use even with healthy athletes. And he can’t believe how much size and strength they are packing on!

My mental alarms go crazy and I immediately make the connection with that breakthrough blood flow management research the military had started decades ago. And it’s the same thing! So…

I start experimenting with the theories and that’s how I stumbled on the method I want to share with you today!…

Now I’m not someone who just blindly believes all the research papers I read so I tested all this thoroughly. And when it’s done right — following the exact protocol I came up with — you’ll end up with results that pretty much match the research…

First of all. On the low end you’ll experience at least a 30% boost in muscle growth on your arms and your legs. That’s already pretty awesome. Yet if you’re in the hyper responders you’ll enjoy gains up to 300% faster than normal. I’ve found most guys fall somewhere in between.

Get Bigger Arms

Yet what’s really interesting is when we start looking at WHY the protocol works…

A lot of the magic seems to be due to increases in your male hormone levels. One 2014 study in the International Journal of Sports Physiology and Performance showed a greater release of exercise-induced salivary testosterone using this method.

Another paper reveals increases in Human Growth Hormone as much as 290 times above baseline using the protocol. And…

According to a 2000 study published in the American Journal of Applied Physiology, these massive GH increases are not associated with the serious tissue damage you’d usually experience to get the same boost with conventional exercise.How to get bigger arms

Which is why this protocol is gaining such an underground following with elite athletes and special operators from SWAT, SSF, the Navy Seals, Delta Force and more. These guys are always looking for an edge that lets them grow without breaking them down. They just can’t afford to get sidelined by injury or even muscle tissue breakdown…

Yet the biggest benefit of this breakthrough training method is really for any guy in his 30s or older who wants the kind of arms and thighs that demand respect from other men. You see… guys in their 30s and beyond have to deal with declining levels of essential male growth factors…

Many guys turn to expensive hormone injections or even dangerous and illegal steroids. However get this… researchers have revealed that using this simple training protocol can deliver more impressive increases in GH and IGF-1 than getting expensive hormone injections!…

Along with testosterone — which has also been proven to increase with this protocol — GH and IGF-1 are the key growth factors that allow some guys to build muscle faster than others. And…

You’ll be shocked to discover how incredibly simple it is to get that same unfair advantage for yourself. You see…

My protocol simply requires you to properly apply a “tourniquet” to your working muscle to restrict the venous return of blood flow from the muscle without restricting the entry of blood into the muscle. This causes blood to accumulate in the muscle due to the fact that it is unable to escape…

Yes! It’s super simple. Just make sure you do it right though because it can be painful or even dangerous if you do it wrong. And if you don’t apply the right protocol while the muscle is occluded you won’t get the advantage.

That’s the reason I put together all the results from my research and experimentation and created an easy to follow step-by-step protocol for you…

Although it should never “hurt” if you do it right… it will definitely get a bit uncomfortable!…But it’s uncomfortable in a good way.

By the end of the 5½ minute protocol your limbs will be screaming at you to remove the blood flow restriction. You’ll need some mental toughness to claim your reward.

So If you’re not willing to deal with a few minutes of discomfort to get the kind of growth offered by this kind of training then this is definitely not for you. And I’d never want you to waste your time on this System…even thought it’s a measly 51/2 minutes.

Remember though: you’re trading 5½ minutes of discomfort for hours of muscle growth — and getting 300% better results.

So what I am talking about…

Specifically it is my Anabolic Finishers Protocol… what exactly is that? Glad you asked…

Defining this protocol is a relatively simple task as it is more commonly referred to as Occlusion training or Blood Flow Restriction training.

Occlusion training involves restricting the out ow of blood from a given muscle group with the use of some form of tourniquet, typically a blood pressure cuff or knee wrap.

What this does is restrict the venous return of blood ow from the muscle, thereby causing blood to accumulate in the muscle due to the fact that it is unable to escape.

The important point here is that occlusion training involves restricting the flow of blood out of the muscle, but the tourniquet you use should not be so tight as to prevent blood from entering the muscle.

This method is predominantly used to work the arms and legs as it is easier and safer to restrict blood ow to the limbs.

Beyond the obvious physiological bene ts of occlusion training there are also some practical bene ts to take into consideration.

We have already established that Anabolic Finishers provide a solid alternative to your typical high-intensity training during reduced loading phases, but the low-impact nature of occlusion training also makes it great for anyone who is recovering from an injury.

Injuries and joint issues such as tendinitis are far less likely to be aggravated by occlusion training, largely due to the fact that you can achieve dramatic results with a fraction of the weight you would normally use.

In fact, the study we referenced above from the American Journal of Applied Physiology had subjects using just 20% of their 1RM!

If you are training hard – as you should be – and have been doing so for an extended period of weeks or even months then there is every chance that your body could do with some form of relief.

Now I could keep writing on and on about the hormonal benefits of this kind of training  such as an increased Testosterone profile, human growth hormone improvement and a vast array of others which I detail in the program here.

Occlusion training can be used on the upper arms, forearms, thighs, calves, and even the chest depending on where you place the bands.

how to get bigger armsFor upper arm training you should apply the bands just where your arm meets your shoulder, and of course for forearms the bands should be placed at the elbow.



Inside the program I cover this in some easy to follow videos, but here are some quick photos showing the bands I use and where to place themhow to get bigger arms

Secure them where the bicep and shoulder meet. The bands I use are large wrist wraps made by Schiek, however if you google wrist wraps you will see there are a number of options available. Ones with a good range of adjustability are preferable so longer velcro is good.

how to get bigger armsOnce you have secured the bands you want to make sure you haven’t put them on too tight.

You can do this by giving your finger a quick squeeze. Watch under the finger nail bed. When you squeeze your finger it will turn white under the nail bed quickly followed by returning to the normal color. If it stays white for an extended period it is likely you have your bands secured too tightly.  Again I cover this in detail inside the program so you can have confidence  you are doing it the correct way.

Ok so you think you are ready? Give this simple 5 1/2 minute workout a try…and save the tears because you will thank me when you finally have a simple method for growing your arms that doesn’t take 24 months.

This is Arm Workout A from my Anabolic Finishers program

A Workout

  • Standing Alternating Dumbbell Curl -1 x 30
  • 1 x max reps
  • 1 x max repsRest 30 seconds between each set. Once complete remove the bands for 2 minutes. Put them back on and do part 2…but don’t blame me if you arms balloon into massive gorilla limbs!
  • Triceps Rope Pushdowns 1 x 30
  • 1 x max reps
  • 1 x max repsRest 30 seconds between each set

You’re done! – it is literally that simple. In my Anabolic Finishers program I take you through a few different arm workouts, chest sessions, back training as well as calves (those stubborn bastards) and quads.

If you like cutting edge techniques proven to work, that you WON’T see other people doing because it is only reserved for the elite, then you will love this program.

How To Get Bigger Arms



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