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BITBO? I’m calling you out

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I’ve been in California for the past week and it’s absolutely scorching hot, consistently in the 90’s every day. I’m going to give you some tips you can use to get on, and stay on track…
More on that in a second.
Training is going well while I’m on the road, even though it would be easy to blow it off with all of the sun and distractions.
It’s not possible for me to blow it off. You see training has become part of my life. The way many people “must” do a thing everyday, I MUST train. It’s as natural to me as eating or sleeping.
When I don’t push my body every day I feel off center…like something is missing.
It’s easy to get off track on the road, but my wife takes photos to hold me accountable…hahaha amazing!!
Todd Lamb Abs
Speaking of my wife, I put her through one of my sessions and she crushed it.

Despite her many lingering injuries from a car crash early in her policing career, she continues to work hard at staying fit and mobile.
Mostly I am running her through the SpecForce Abs protocol to truly improve her trunk strength and overall mobility.
She is enjoying despite the fact there are some things she doesn’t love doing, the fact is she pushes through it.
She is NO Bitbo… well it’s actually BTBO but I pronounce it bitbo…
It’s an acronym I came up with early in my policing career when I started to notice a phenomenon occurring around me.
I was continuously seeing people who would say they would do something and never do it.
So I gave them a name.
It means Big Talker Backer Outter…. hahaha ridiculous right? Outter isn’t really even a word but I felt compelled to give these people a moniker that matches the ridiculousness of saying something and not doing it.
In my time on different teams, one of the most consistent traits of successful guys is that when they said they would do a thing, it got done.
So I’m putting it to you.Are you a BiTBO? Be honest.
Have you started on a training program like Alpha, or Abs or Wave Loading and just not getting through it.
Is someone around you rolling their eyes because you have bought into yet another system, but instead of putting out the effort it collects dust on your hard drive?
Well I am here to help change that. To help transform your life.
But I can’t do it alone…I need your help.
Let’s take a look at some ways you can stay accountable and on track for the long term.

  1. Create a team. – truthfully this starts with you. For the most part this really is you and you alone. I trained by myself for most of my adult life and was able to hold myself accountable. But I am hard on myself… When I wanted to quit I would ask myself if quitting is something a Team Leader would do? Hell no…next set please!My team extended to my wife and 1 or 2 of my teammates and we would hold eachother accountable… my wife would support me by making the time for me to prioritize my training.Create a team of like minded, supportive people and it will change your life.
  2. Give A Damn – Listen, if you don’t care enough to get yourself into the best shape of your life, I can assure you no one else will. When your feet hit the deck first thing in the morning, you should be thinking about how you can improve and what you are going to do to stay on track…the first meal of the day, not missing training, or whatever it might be. Give a damn about yourself and your goals.
  3. Track Your Progress – one of the best things that happened to me was I saw a picture of myself…and I couldn’t believe what I had become. A flabby bag of shit. Seeing a picture changed my life. So I recommend taking a photo of yourself if you don’t currently love the way you look. Now once you have the photo in a place you can see it, make sure you track your progress. From your workout, to your positive thoughts to things that you can do that will change your life every day.One of the things that successful Spec Ops guys do is write and track everything. My biz partner Adam is actually in the process of designing the SpecForce Operator’s Logbook because it is that important! More to follow on that.
  4. Gratitude – This is just your daily reminder to be thankful for something every single day… I will never stop telling you this.
  5. Tactical Breathing – Take 5 minutes to breathe 4 seconds in – 4 hold – 4 out – 4 hold – during this time focus on seeing yourself achieve the life and the body you want.That’s 2 more tips than I usually like to give as it is proven that most people can only remember and implement 3 things at one time. But it’s important stuff!

Hopefully you have come over to join me on Facebook to surround yourself with like-minded people.

One of buddies there is still active duty in some foreign ops and he chimes in every now and again to give some good insight.
Now, change can be hard, but making decisions isn’t. Once you decide and follow these 5 easy tips you will be amazed at how quickly your quality of life improves.

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