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The fastest way to uncomplicate everything

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Todd's Grandpa Training can be tough, but it leads to many things that are positively worth it…

This week I was back in my hometown where I grew up visiting family and travelling around to some of my old haunts.

It was very much like the twilight zone at times in the sense that I had almost travelled back in time.

In fact, I had to pinch myself at one point because I was driving down a street in my daughter’s Jeep, headed to the gym (the same one I trained at as a kid), when Dire Straits came on the radio.

This exact scene had played out 25 years earlier, the only difference really was the color of the jeep.

Oh and maybe i have a bit of gray hair now!

BUT…That’s ok because I am in way better shape now than I was then.

You see 44 year old Todd could literally kick 20 year old Todd’s ass. Not Kidding.

I have been able to quite literally turn back time as it relates to my physical health and wellness it would seem.

All because I found a way to utilize training techniques to create a solid foundation and balanced hormones.

This got me thinking…

Remember growing up? Remember how there were these times of complete and uncomplicated joy?

Where everything was going your way, there wasn’t a care in the world and things just seemed effortless?

Maybe there was something you did as a kid that was just simple fun.

Maybe a trip to the lake for example…you’d hop in the car, get to the lake and head out on your bike and find your other lake friends, come back eat, sleep and do it all over again…

And maybe you do these things now with your kids.

But now you have to do all the planning and preparation for whatever the activity might be and it takes a bit of the magic out of it doesn’t it?

Makes you appreciate the things your parents,or others did to make your life enjoyable.

Uncomplicated joy…hanging out with friends where you all felt invincible and nothing could touch you.


So what happened?

The stress of work? The stress of providing for a family? A broken marriage or custody battle that has sapped the life out of you?

Maybe it’s the battle of chronic pain from an injury that is almost too much to overcome…or so it would seem.

I want to share something with you.

You can find the purity of uncomplicated joy again. It’s not some elusive state of mind that’s only available to the rich and famous, or the zen monks of the world

It’s there for you and I.

I found it again and I kid you not when I tell you the key to unlocking a pure mind that is capable of high levels of enjoyment, is a healthy physical body.

You’ve seen my pictures. I was so injured, broken and stressed out it is a wonder that I could even function.

I had back pain that felt like a hot curling iron radiating around to my hip, I had 4 knee surgeries on the same knee and a torn rotator cuff.

For those of you who are dealing with chronic pain, my heart goes out to you. I know it seems like a long road but you can get there.

For those of you who look in the mirror and feel a sense of hatred or loathing at the image staring back at you, I get it…I’ve been there.

I wouldn’t let my wife take pictures and I certainly would keep a shirt on in public.

Listen, this CAN be turned around.

Chronic pain can be reduced if not entirely eliminated, your physical appearance can be altered.

Make no mistake about it, the path to a renewed level of uncomplicated joy is through the physical body, which heals your mind.

There is a famous quote:

“What counts is not necessarily the size of the dog in the fight – it’s the size of the fight in the dog.” ~ General Dwight Eisenhower

So I am putting it to you…what’s the size of your fight.

What’s in you, that you can give, in order to find your way to the things you desire most.

What are you prepared to do to be healthy in body in mind.

I am here for you every single step of the way.

It is my mission in life to make sure you are achieving the things you want to achieve with respect to your physical being, your mental health and your quality of life.

There is no higher calling for me…I just need you to join me in the walk.

Give a little more and you will enjoy a life of uncomplicated joy.

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