3 Easy Lifestyle Shifts Are Reversing “Middle Age Spread” & Allowing Men 35 and Over to Finally Have 6-Pack Abs

middleageabs-team-photoBy Todd Lamb
Tactical Fitness Expert
Author of Specforce Abs

If you’re a man over 35 years old you may recognize these common symptoms…

No matter how hard you try you just can’t fit back into the waist size you wore for most of your adult life!…

Despite eating what you consider a healthy diet you notice the jiggly fat around your chest continues to accumulate. (…maybe you even fear developing “man boobs”…)

You just don’t have the energy you used to. And your sex life seems to have gone into hibernation.

Look: Almost all guys our age are going through this. And it’s caused by damaging shifts in your male hormone levels1.

The sad part is this… Most folks write this off as normal because it’s happening to so many guys nowadays. However…

It is NOT normal. In fact it’s a direct result of a number of lifestyle, exercise and diet factors that are 100% reversible2.

So although your quest for a flat belly and a set of six pack abs has been doomed until now — through no fault of your own — the good news is that a few subtle shifts to what you’re already doing right now will quickly put you on the road to reclaiming your manliness, your energy and your trim, lean and strong body3

Yes! That’s right. I’m here to tell you that you do NOT need to workout more or diet harder. In fact both those things might actually make matters WORSE by driving down your body’s natural levels of testosterone even more4.

Truth is: as a Tactical Fitness Expert who has coached dozens of Special Operators and helped over 15,000 guys via online coaching, I’ve discovered 3 simple mistakes that almost every guy makes that can be fixed quickly and easily so you see visible changes in your body in as little as one week…

Fix These Three Big Mistakes Today To Quickly Reverse The Deterioration of Your Male Hormones And Experience a Visibly Flatter Belly, Harder Chest Muscles, Wider Shoulders, More Energy and Even a More Virile Sex Life Fast

Male Hormone Booster


AVOID “Cardio”

Listen: Long and slow cardio like jogging or biking will burn calories. And technically that means it will burn some fat. However…

It has also been shown to reduce your Testosterone4. And as we’ve already seen, this is one of the reasons you’re now having trouble maintaining the lean, masculine body you desire…

However a different type of “cardio” — often called Interval Training — is actually even BETTER at burning fat AND it has been shown to promote increased levels of both testosterone and growth hormone5

Which means you’ll be able to burn fat faster WHILE you build lean muscle mass. So you finally uncover your six pack abs and get rid of embarrassing chest fat quickly…

Now there are a lot of ways to do Interval Training. Here’s a simple one that works wonders…

Pick any exercise that allows you to go hard enough to reach what you feel is 90% of your Rate of Perceived Exertion (RPE). In other words if you went 10% more you’d be at your absolute limit…

Set yourself a timer and do that for 30 seconds. Then perform a very mild activity like walking for 90 seconds. Repeat that cycle 3-4 times if you’re just starting out or up to 8 times if you’re already in good shape.

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