16 Mar , 18

Do Vegan Men have higher testosterone?

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The question: Do vegan men have higher testosterone? Isn’t one that I set out to answer on purpose. I came across it accidentally and was a bit shocked by the results of some of the studies I read. A life without meat isn’t for me, however, many men who face health issues are reluctant to […]

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20 Feb , 18

How fast should you eat

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How fast should you eat? Or conversely, how slow should you eat? Or does it even matter? This weeks post is from one of our primary contributors Coach Dan Garner. We are both Precision Nutrition grads and many of the principles are critical to your nutrition. You can see more from Dan at his site […]

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1 Feb , 18

Combat Inflammation Naturally

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Inflammation is the body’s usual physiological response to some form of trauma to your tissue. During a recent nutrition mentorship program, we examined the profound impact inflammation has on your body. The cause of inflammation may be physical injury, autoimmune issues, bacterial issues, toxicity, blood sugar dysregulation, as well as an overall absence of antioxidants in […]

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14 Jan , 18

4 Ways To Reduce Artery Plaque

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Has your doctor told you to reduce artery plaque? Cholesterol may have a bad reputation, but the truth is that it’s a highly important organic molecule. It’s needed for the production of hormones (including testosterone), cellular walls, and bile acids. Without cholesterol, the human body would be unable to function properly. Our hormone levels would […]

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10 Jan , 18

Will Bone Marrow Boost Muscle?

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You don’t hear people talking about bone marrow much these days, but I’d like to share a few interesting facts about this little-known nutrient-dense powerhouse: The bone marrow from organic animals (beef, bison, game meats, and wildfowl) provides protein and some important minerals needed to build and maintain a healthy body (iron, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, […]

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