4 Dec , 17

4 Tips To Control Inflammation

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How to control inflammation and the word Inflammation itself  have become frequent topics of discussion among nutritionists and trainers in recent years. It’s one that most of us immediately equate with something bad. But the truth is your ability to control inflammation is much more complex than you’d think! Understand How To Control Inflammation Inflammation […]

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17 Nov , 17

10 Nutrient Dense Foods

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10 Highly Nutrient Dense Foods you should be eating on frequent basis.  There’s only so much food you can eat (I like the phrase fill your cake hole with)  in a day. Not only do you have to make sure you’re keeping your calorie intake in check, but you also can only fit so much […]

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30 Oct , 17

5 Foods To Boost Nitric Oxide

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Nitric oxide plays an important role in many important bodily functions. If you want to improve your health, it’s time to get more nitric oxide in your diet! It causes your blood vessels to dilate. This allows for an increase in blood flow, sending nutrients and oxygen around your body. Proper dilation of your blood […]

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2 Oct , 17

Carb Timing To Build Muscle and Lose Fat

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Carb timing and peri-workout nutrition has been examined extensively over the years. There are as many strategies around optimizing nutrition as there are people who will tell you about them. I want to keep it simple. In recent years, carbs have become the most controversial and perhaps misunderstood of the macronutrients. But let’s face it… […]

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28 Sep , 17

Glutathione-The Perfect Hangover Cure

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Glutathione might just be the perfect hangover cure. This is something I have been on a quest  for since the first time I woke up in backyard, sleeping on a surf board after night partying with the guys on my rugby club. By quest I mean nothing short of that which rivalled the quest for […]

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