15 Oct , 17

The 5 Best Prehab Exercises For Guys Over 40

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The 5 Best Prehab Exercises for Guys Over 40… and by prehab I mean warm up… but prehab is super fancy so Im rolling with it. Don’t wait for pain or injuries to keep you out of the gym. Spend time doing the best prehab exercises to get your body in pain-free, injury-resistant shape! I […]

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8 Sep , 17

How To Increase Human Growth Hormone Naturally

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Many people want to increase human growth hormone naturally to boost their body’s ability to lose fat and increase muscle mass. When your human growth hormone (HGH), also known as Growth Hormone (GH), levels are low it can have a very adverse affect on your quality of life, may increase the fat stored on your […]

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1 Jun , 17

Bigger Arms? Control Your Epigenetic Factors

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If you are trying to get bigger arms, then you might want to consider how much of your “epigenetic factors” you are working to control. In this video I explain how to get bigger arms by controlling these factors.

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28 Apr , 17

Why Creatine Doesn’t Work

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Creatine doesn’t work… bold statement or simple fact? I haven’t used creatine since 1998 until recently and there’s a reason for that. First, I wasn’t convinced of the science at the time. Personally, I found that it was making me puffy and that I was holding water… but what I didn’t realize at the time […]

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23 Apr , 17

Sleep Your Way Lean

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Hello sunshine! Not you…the actual sun πŸ™‚ It’s been a great week here on the west coast mostly because the sun finally showed itself amidst what seems like weeks of cloud and rain. If you have been with me for a while, you already know that I go to extreme measures to chase the sun. […]

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