14 Feb , 18

Sleep apps – More harm than good?

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I treat sleep like my religion. Sleep tracking using sleep apps has taken on an almost cult-like following, prompting app developers to capitalize on the mania. Here’s the truth about sleep apps and tracking devices, supported by scientific evidence, which reveals that current consumer level sleep trackers have the potential to do more harm than […]

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29 Jan , 18

Can you get ripped abs at 40?

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Getting ripped abs at 40 and beyond is still one of the main goals men and women want to achieve in their lifetime. It is a bucket list item and to be straight up, I fully support the endeavor for a number of reasons. Conversely, women are not so concerned with achieving ripped abs at […]

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1 Jan , 18

High-Intensity Training For Aging Muscles

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High-Intensity Training has been the source of many studies across many different populations. I am a fan of a wide variety of training modalities and write my programs accordingly.  However, there is a significant portion of the Alpha program dedicated to High-Intensity with good reason. Let’s face it. Aging and staying active can be a […]

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18 Dec , 17

4 Foam Rolling Exercises To Build Muscle

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These are 4 of the best foam rolling exercises to build muscle. Foam rolling is so much more than just a new fitness trend—it’s one of the best ways to improve joint function, enhance mobility, and decrease post-workout muscle soreness.  As multiple studies have discovered, foam rolling can reduce delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) and […]

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24 Nov , 17

Erectile Dysfunction – The HARD Truth

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Erectile dysfunction is no laughing matter. When the clothes come off and the anticipation of pleasure is in the air… performance is a must. Yet for millions of men it becomes a challenge they weren’t expecting. For men who are facing this health challenge it can cause deep emotional pain. Many of the guys I […]

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