18 Dec , 17

4 Foam Rolling Exercises To Build Muscle

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These are 4 of the best foam rolling exercises to build muscle. Foam rolling is so much more than just a new fitness trend—it’s one of the best ways to improve joint function, enhance mobility, and decrease post-workout muscle soreness.  As multiple studies have discovered, foam rolling can reduce delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) and […]

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4 Dec , 17

4 Tips To Control Inflammation

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How to control inflammation and the word Inflammation itself  have become frequent topics of discussion among nutritionists and trainers in recent years. It’s one that most of us immediately equate with something bad. But the truth is your ability to control inflammation is much more complex than you’d think! Understand How To Control Inflammation Inflammation […]

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24 Nov , 17

Erectile Dysfunction – The HARD Truth

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Erectile dysfunction is no laughing matter. When the clothes come off and the anticipation of pleasure is in the air… performance is a must. Yet for millions of men it becomes a challenge they weren’t expecting. For men who are facing this health challenge it can cause deep emotional pain. Many of the guys I […]

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21 Nov , 17

Never Fail Again

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The word fail has become a buzzword in the new millennium and it irritates me beyond belief. People look at failure as if it’s a bad thing. They see the collapse of a company, the unsuccessful launch of a product, or the middling results of a new concept, and they think, “Boy, what a silly […]

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17 Nov , 17

10 Nutrient Dense Foods

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10 Highly Nutrient Dense Foods you should be eating on frequent basis.  There’s only so much food you can eat (I like the phrase fill your cake hole with)  in a day. Not only do you have to make sure you’re keeping your calorie intake in check, but you also can only fit so much […]

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