16 Jan , 18

Overcome Feelings Of Dread : Phase 1 of Fear

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The need to overcome feelings of dread is key to transforming performance in any environment.  Whether you are prepping for a presentation at the office or getting mentally prepared to execute a hostage rescue operation where the suspects are armed… the preparation process is the same. Sometimes our brains suck. We create stories in our minds […]

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14 Jan , 18

4 Ways To Reduce Artery Plaque

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Has your doctor told you to reduce artery plaque? Cholesterol may have a bad reputation, but the truth is that it’s a highly important organic molecule. It’s needed for the production of hormones (including testosterone), cellular walls, and bile acids. Without cholesterol, the human body would be unable to function properly. Our hormone levels would […]

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10 Jan , 18

Will Bone Marrow Boost Muscle?

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You don’t hear people talking about bone marrow much these days, but I’d like to share a few interesting facts about this little-known nutrient-dense powerhouse: The bone marrow from organic animals (beef, bison, game meats, and wildfowl) provides protein and some important minerals needed to build and maintain a healthy body (iron, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, […]

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1 Jan , 18

High-Intensity Training For Aging Muscles

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High-Intensity Training has been the source of many studies across many different populations. I am a fan of a wide variety of training modalities and write my programs accordingly.  However, there is a significant portion of the Alpha program dedicated to High-Intensity with good reason. Let’s face it. Aging and staying active can be a […]

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31 Dec , 17

Protect yourself #metoo

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Protect yourself. Mothers and Fathers I want you to share this with your sons and daughters, friends and colleagues. This post is an important one because I believe it can help people who are being victimized.  The mere fact there is a #metoo movement is profoundly disappointing. Let me explain. When we created the Alpha […]

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