20 Feb , 18

How fast should you eat

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How fast should you eat? Or conversely, how slow should you eat? Or does it even matter? This weeks post is from one of our primary contributors Coach Dan Garner. We are both Precision Nutrition grads and many of the principles are critical to your nutrition. You can see more from Dan at his site […]

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14 Feb , 18

Sleep apps – More harm than good?

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I treat sleep like my religion. Sleep tracking using sleep apps has taken on an almost cult-like following, prompting app developers to capitalize on the mania. Here’s the truth about sleep apps and tracking devices, supported by scientific evidence, which reveals that current consumer level sleep trackers have the potential to do more harm than […]

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7 Feb , 18

Evolution of a Leader

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Whether you believe leaders are born or leaders are made, the evolution of a leader happens in a very systematic way. There is a fascinating and appropriate quote by Joe Polish, the creator of the Genius Network, which states: “Get to the point in life where you care more about the success and results of […]

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1 Feb , 18

Combat Inflammation Naturally

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Inflammation is the body’s usual physiological response to some form of trauma to your tissue. During a recent nutrition mentorship program, we examined the profound impact inflammation has on your body. The cause of inflammation may be physical injury, autoimmune issues, bacterial issues, toxicity, blood sugar dysregulation, as well as an overall absence of antioxidants in […]

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29 Jan , 18

Can you get ripped abs at 40?

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Getting ripped abs at 40 and beyond is still one of the main goals men and women want to achieve in their lifetime. It is a bucket list item and to be straight up, I fully support the endeavor for a number of reasons. Conversely, women are not so concerned with achieving ripped abs at […]

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