6 Aug , 17

Amino Acids For Men Over 40

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Amino Acids for men form a critical part of your nutrition strategy. It’s pretty well understood that protein is needed for building muscle tissue, which is why proteins are a vital component of your daily nutrition. When you are focused on building muscle, recovering from injury and general maintenance for a healthy body, you should […]

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3 Aug , 17

How Low Testosterone Is Hurting You

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Understanding how low testosterone is potentially hurting you is very important for developing a long term health strategy. Testosterone is the most important of the male hormones, meaning A LOT of important bodily functions for men are directly linked to testosterone levels. If your testosterone levels drop, you may be at risk of a broad […]

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26 Jul , 17

Force Multipliers and Force Disparity

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Force Multipliers and Force Disparity are the topics in this article and there is a very important acronym for you to remember as it relates to the Use of Force . In combat we define a force multiplier as follows: A capability that, when added to and employed by a combat force, significantly increases the combat potential […]

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23 Jul , 17

Craig Ballantyne Perfect Day Formula

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Craig Ballantyne Perfect Day Formula. The perfect day is one in which I control. The best “perfect day” would be waking up early at the lake and going out for a ski, coming back in to a hot cup of coffee and probably some bacon, eggs and hashbrowns. Then I would sit down and write […]

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21 Jul , 17

How To Find Water

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How to find water… not a question you want to be asking yourself when you are lost and suddenly find yourself spitting feathers because your mouth is so dry. If you don’t understand the reference above, turn back the clock, find a youtube video of Sylvester the cat eating Tweetie the bird… Sylvester always found […]

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