24 Jan , 17

How Radical Diets Kill Your Testosterone

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Obesity is one of the greatest threats to healthy testosterone levels. Many, many studies have linked obesity to low testosterone levels. Excess body weight can lead to hypogonadism, with 75% of obese men suffering from low testosterone output. It makes sense that going on a diet to lose weight is a good way to restore […]

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18 Jan , 17

Why Men Need To Hang Out With Men

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At the risk of causing friction in your relationship, I want to make this simple yet poignant declaration: Men Need To Hang Out With Men! Now if you have been touting this position with your girlfriend or wife and she’s not biting then perhaps the science will shed some much needed light on the topic […]

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16 Jan , 17

Defend Against The Haymaker Punch

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Defending against the haymaker punch is an important strategy if someone is trying to tear your head off. When the time for talking is done and the fists start flying, if you don’t know what you are doing, you’re going to end up on the deck missing some chiclets. More often than not, the “go […]

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16 Jan , 17

3 Tips to become your best

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How’s the resolution going so far? We are now just over two weeks into the new year and the reality is many out there have already packed it in. The resolutions we make, we break every year, usually minutes after writing them down. Problems arise, we get off track, get sick, or some other distraction […]

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11 Jan , 17

10 Reasons Why You Need To Change Your Fuel

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Diet… Everybody’s favourite word. What if instead, you thought in terms of performance and rather than nutrition. Perhaps you think of it more like your engine instead of your body. Most of us (myself included) cringe when we hear the word “diet”. We tend to equate the D-word with pain, suffering, deprivation, and misery. After […]

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