29 Mar , 17

How Are Good Carbs Important to A Healthy Metabolism?

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I think a discussion on good carbs is a worthy topic given my recent travels to Costa Rica and Mexico. God knows I crushed enough bad carbs to feed an under 21 Rugby team. Good carbs, bad carbs, carb timing… let’s take a closer look. You’d be amazed by how many low- and no-carb diets […]

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19 Mar , 17

Be The Wolf

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What does it mean to set yourself apart from others around you in a way that is meaningful. When I first got into the canine section, my new partner had already been assigned a name by the breeder. It was ridiculous. It sounded like one of those names that if something were to go wrong […]

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13 Mar , 17

Spec Ops Choke Out Technique Anyone Can Learn

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Choke Out techniques have their history dating back to Ancient Greece when Heracles battled the great Nemean Lion. The lion’s skin was impenetrable by the weapons of man but was ultimately defeated when Heracles choked him out with his bare hands. Fast forward to modern day where choke out techniques are deployed in a variety […]

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9 Mar , 17

Powerful Testosterone Breakfast Foods

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Let’s look at some powerful testosterone breakfast foods to give you a hormonal boost to your day. But first, is breakfast really the most important meal of the day? You’ll hear a lot of people arguing that it is, saying that it’s the meal that starts off your day right, or it provides a hefty […]

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4 Mar , 17

The 5 C’s For Living The Alpha Life

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What is the Alpha Life? Is it linear or all encompassing? Can it be taught and learned or is it hardwired into your DNA. I spend a fair bit of time on the Alpha Nation focusing on the physical changes we can make to live a healthier, more bad-ass life. We like to talk about […]

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