14 Jul , 17

How To Develop High Performing Teams

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Development of High Performing Teams.  First let’s begin by defining precisely what a team is. Katzenbach and Smith, in “The Wisdom of Teams” define a team as follows: … a small number of people with complementary skills committed to a common purpose, performance goals and ways of working together for which they hold themselves mutually […]

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7 Jul , 17

Train Your Dog To Find Anything

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Your dog is an amazing animal capable of learning of some very impressive skills. There are very few things more primal than tracking another human being. The ability to track a bad guy who has committed a crime from a scene to where he is hiding takes thousands of hours of training. But it’s worth […]

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25 Jun , 17

Pour beer perfectly and other skills

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Pour the perfect pint of beer, carry heavy things and properly parallel park are the topics in this week’s skills post. Listen, I put these together in this post basically to keep you from getting your man card punched. The last thing I want for you is to be at your backyard BBQ and your […]

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18 Jun , 17

What it means to be a Father

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What does it mean to be a father? Well I have been thinking about it this week. And my week was amazing. I arrived in Ottawa, which is the capital of Canada, and spent time with one of my dearest friends for two days. We spent those two days on the range going over some […]

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7 Jun , 17

Fireman’s Carry and other skills

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I have done the fireman’s carry enough times to be considered a court approved expert witness. Im not kidding. I think I might be in the thousands. Fireman’s carry, opening bottles with no opener and backing trailers are the skills focus in this article. I will reveal a simple saying that will forever stick in […]

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