4 Jan , 17

Testosterone – 9 Signs You Might Have Low Testosterone

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Testosterone is probably the most important of the male hormones. It plays A LOT of roles in your life—it affects everything from your sex drive to your behavior to your weight and body fat content to your strength to your energy levels to the health of your skin and hair. It’s one of those hormones […]

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3 Jan , 17

CBD Oil – The Upside Of Mary Jane

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CBD oil just might be one of the most beneficial emerging health supplements your government doesn’t want you to have. Im taking a Swiss Stance on the topic, which is to say, Im remaining neutral because quite simply I am not educated enough to make a call. This is a relatively new area of study. […]

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2 Jan , 17

Eliminate Anxiety – 1 Simple Trick

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Im going to help you eliminate anxiety. If you have had or are suffering from anxiety, my friend you are not alone. Perhaps it’s a family member, close friend or colleague that has reached out to you for help. Share this with them because it could change their life. I’ve written a few articles over […]

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21 Dec , 16

What causes hormone imbalance in men

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A hormone imbalance in men or women can have devastating effects on health and wellness. While there are many environmental factors that contribute, I want to focus your attention on xenoestrogens and the impact they can have on your endocrine system. Estrogen is one of the two most important hormones in the human body. It […]

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14 Dec , 16

5 Important Micronutrients for Men

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Im going to outline the 5 most important micronutrients for men because if you neglect these, you run the risk of not only poor physical health, but poor mental health. Additionally we will look at how you can increase them naturally if you need to. One of the jobs I had prior to policing was […]

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