10 Nov , 17

Survive A Terrorist Attack

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How to Survive a Terrorist Attack I don’t have to tell you that events such as vehicle ramming and active shooters continue at random around the US and the world. Lately it seems ramming with vehicles is on the rise, although this has been a jihadist tactic for some time now. The tactics I will […]

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6 Nov , 17

Leadership Skills – 4 ways to improve yours

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Leadership Skills. Some people have ’em and a hell of a lot more people don’t . What do you believe? Are great leaders are made or born. I want to share the observations I’ve made over my years of service in high risk professions with respect to what I believe makes a good leader. Many […]

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30 Oct , 17

5 Foods To Boost Nitric Oxide

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Nitric oxide plays an important role in many important bodily functions. If you want to improve your health, it’s time to get more nitric oxide in your diet! It causes your blood vessels to dilate. This allows for an increase in blood flow, sending nutrients and oxygen around your body. Proper dilation of your blood […]

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27 Oct , 17

Functional Training for Tactical Muscle

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Functional training and the development of functional muscle in the tactical sense means building functional muscle that will get you “through the door” or “outta the shit” and enable you to “embrace the suck”. For many people this simply means developing the muscle required to function on a daily basis. For others functional training means […]

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23 Oct , 17

5 Important Health Tests For Men Over 40

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These 5 Important Health Tests For Men over 40 should be a priority for you. Dudes don’t like getting things like this done… I understand.  But listen, without some of this critical information you are basically walking blind. Think of your body as a machine: if you take care of it, it will run well […]

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