4 Jun , 17

Motivation and How To Stay Motivated

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Let’s talk motivation… I hate motivational quotes…Well that’s not really a completely true statement. What I mean is I hate hearing them from people who simply linger in a pool motivation but never actually swim. Know what I mean? The guy who can recite the most motivational quotes in the world about business or performance […]

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1 Jun , 17

Bigger Arms? Control Your Epigenetic Factors

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If you are trying to get bigger arms, then you might want to consider how much of your “epigenetic factors” you are working to control. In this video I explain how to get bigger arms by controlling these factors.

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30 May , 17

Lost Art of Storytelling

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Have you ever stood around with a group people while someone regales the group with a powerful tale keeping everyone captivated? That’s the art of storytelling. Once upon a time it was a highly sought after skill however today, it seems to have fallen away. The skills a man needs together are VERY different from […]

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23 May , 17

Knots and other skills

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Knots, chopping wood and pull-ups are the focus of this skills article because modern men spend a lot of their time fiddling with their computers or tinkering with their cars, but they’ve lost a lot of the skills that made us… well… useful! There may come a time when you’ll need to “get back to the […]

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17 May , 17

Coconut Oil – Why you should get some today

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Coconut oil has some very powerful benefits and it’s worth taking a close look at how it could impact your personal health in a positive way. Coconuts are among the most useful food on the planet. Putting aside all the amazing nutrients (we’ll get to that in a minute), you’ll find that the coconut tree […]

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