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6 Morning Habits To Boost Confidence

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Morning Habits structured for success can make you feel confident all day long.

A very lucky few people are born confident, but for most of us, confidence is something we have to earn and develop.  That means putting in the time every day to work on the things that will boost our confidence and help us feel more positive about ourselves.

Easier said than done, right? Well, not necessarily…

Think about the last thing you mastered: it took a lot of time and effort, but ultimately it came down to repetition and forming habits. Confidence is no different. build confidence

If you want more confidence, it’s important to do confidence-boosting activities every day. Ultimately, that is what will pay off in confidence dividends.

Here are a few morning habits to include in your daily routine that will help you feel more confident all day long:

Get Up Immediately – When you wake up in the morning, you get an initial burst of energy that helps you to be active right away (call it survival instincts hard-wired into our brains). Use that energy right away, and you’ll be much more productive and feel better all morning long.

But if you hit the snooze button and spend a few more minutes in bed, you’re literally wasting that burst of energy. When you actually roll out of bed 5, 10, or 30 minutes later, you’ll be back in that sleepy state, far too tired to be active and feel good about yourself.

When it comes time to wake up, get out of bed the moment your alarm goes off. Literally, JUMP out of bed and get on your feet right away, and you’ll get that rush of energy that will keep you flying high for hours. 

Positive Affirmations – Stand in front of your mirror and say five positive things to or about yourself. For example:

You can do this!

You are handsome and strong.

You’re ready for any daily task.

You’re intelligent enough to solve whatever is thrown at you.

These may sound ridiculous, but it’s not about the words—it’s about the feelings! It is a process that sets your mind to prepare for action.

Positive self-talk—both internal in your thoughts and out loud—will help to drive back self-doubt and negative thoughts and feelings. Ultimately, being positive in the way you talk and think about yourself will help you to actually feel more positive. 

That positivity will translate into confidence; when you tell yourself that you can “do it” enough times, your mind comes to understand that as reality. You are wiring new circuits in your brain.

Yes, it will feel silly at first to stare in the mirror and say all these things, but push past your feelings of goofiness and just do it. You’ll feel more confident and positive all day long, all because of this simple morning habit!

Visualize – You can include this as part of your daily meditation practice or just spend a few minutes doing it. However you do it, you’ll find it works!

Start your day off by spending a few minutes visualizing everything you’re going to achieve today. Visualize yourself powering through your to-do list, accomplishing that important task, or solving that big problem. Don’t stop visualizing until you’ve pictured everything you want to do. 

But don’t just visualize actions; think about how you feel. Picture yourself feeling happy, relaxed, and confident at work. Imagine yourself walking out of your office at the end of the day with that feeling of satisfaction, knowing you kicked serious ass that day.

Visualization techniques are a form of meditation that can help to put you in the right “headspace” and mindset to have a productive day. Plus, if you visualize yourself feeling and acting confident, it’s much more likely you’ll actually be confident.

Get Your House in Order – Chaos can sap your confidence, but order can give you a sense of control over your life that will make you feel much more confident!

Before you leave for work, take a few minutes to get your house in order: make your bed, clean your kitchen, take out the garbage, and make sure everything is left neat and tidy. By doing that, you’ll have a feeling of being in control of your life. That feeling of confidence of handling your home life can help you be more confident about your work life and all of the things out of your control.

Dress the Part – The way you dress will have a HUGE effect on the way you feel.

confidenceWhen you dress in nice, professional clothing, it’s much easier to feel the part of the professional. Even if you work from home, it’s still critical that you dress nicely. Avoid wearing sweat pants and a stained wife beater all day—sit down in your home office in clean pants, a nice shirt, and even socks and shoes. 

Clothes play a huge role in our sense of confidence and self-worth. If you dress how you want to feel, you’ll get that confidence boost all day long by knowing that you look good.

Work Out – Exercise gives you a sense of confidence because you know you’re doing your part to get fit and in shape. And trust me, when you start seeing improvements in terms of muscle growth and weight loss, you’re going to see a spike in your confidence.

Morning exercise is an amazing way to start the day feeling amazing about yourself. Not only is it more effective for weight loss and fat-burning, but it will help to boost your energy levels all day long. And trust me, when you’re active and energized, it’s much easier to feel confident about what you’re doing.

Yes, it’s tough to work out when you’re sleepy, but it’s so worth it! 

Once you get used to that morning workout, you’ll see just how much better you feel all day long because you took the time to push your body hard. You’ll have a sense of achievement that will follow you throughout your day and make you feel a whole lot better. You’ve already finished one important task, so you’ll be much more confident that you can finish all of the rest that come up during the day.


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10 thoughts on “6 Morning Habits To Boost Confidence

  1. Terri Robertson

    Your program is beyond awsome, I am not a spring,chicken.. at 71 I have had to take the exercises a little slower, chemo therapy took its toll. I am excited along with positive self talk, add a delicious smoothie and the energy boost is wonderful….thank you for your commitment and service.

  2. Anna Pizarro

    Good morning, and thank you for your words just reading them has helped me. I feel like I lost my life but your words helped me feel like I can do anything. Thank you.

  3. Sue Flowers

    Todd, you are, as my grandkids would say, way cool. Like Terri, I too am no spring chick at almost 68. Actually, I’m beginning exercising very slowly but I’m determined to get into the best shape of my life, one day at a time. You’re helping me more than you know. I remember an old commercial by an old actor (can’t remember his name) who said “confidence is very sexy” in his deep voice and I’ve never forgotten it. I WANT CONFIDENCE! By the way, I believe folks should look up online Kenneth Holmes “Just for Today”. It says that you can do ANYTHING for 12 hours that would appall you if you thought you had to keep it up for a lifetime. So, one single 12 hour stretch that you’re awake every day, do the right thing for your mind and body. Sorry I’m so wordy – your daily emails get me fired up – Thanks so much! Sue

  4. Diane L Martin

    Thank you for these 6 morning aspirations!! I’ll try to follow them to a T. Post it’s on my mirror really help me to start my day in a positive and healthy way

  5. Adam

    Todd, while I appreciate the post, I think confidence is much more complex than you state. If I practice something and improve, I can gain confidence at that thing. If I focus on my appearance (working out, dressing the part, etc), I can gain confidence about how I look. However, in both instances I may not feel confidence about my caterer, intellect, finances, etc. People aren’t just confident or not confident, they are confident about certain things and uncertain about others.

    Moreover, lacking confidence in areas that we are not strong , isn’t all bad. It can prevent us from getting in over our head. Many children are confident above their ability. This may lead them to make bad decisions leading to injury. Likewise, there are confident people that decided they knew how to day-trade, gamble, open a business — when their confidence was unjustified.

    1. Todd Post author

      Your response is on point, and yes certainly there is much more to it. Thanks for highlighting some of the undercurrent to the complexities of developing confidence.

  6. Mick Dillan

    Yeah wearing a suit and tie as a mechanic would not work so well. Why does it seem all your and most others comments are geared towards office workers and not skilled labor?

    1. Todd Post author

      It’s a fair comment – probably mostly b/c after moving out of the policing world into more of a corporate setting it is what I read and write alot about.


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