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How To Command A Room

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All Alpha males focus on, and give body language a lot of emphasis. Even though being an Alpha male is not entirely about sexual signals and body language, both these factors are inter-related. Your body language reflects a lot of qualities about you, and it is critical you realize these signals are those by which you will be judged not only by women, but by everyone with whom you interact. Side note: If you are just waking up to the fact that women are judgemental when it comes to selecting a man..then good morning.

To be an Alpha male, you need to have enough confidence to walk into a room and make heads turn. The way you communicate non verbally has an impact on those around you. For example, fidgeting too much on a date would show that you are a nervous wreck which demonstrates a lack of self- confidence. Taking control of how you present yourself will enable you to send Alpha Power Signals and let everyone around you know that you are in command and control.

Let’s examine your stance. If you stand slightly erect with shoulders rolled forward and your spine somewhat in the shape of a banana, you might as well be yelling to the world that you are chicken shit and don’t have the confidence to even occupy space let alone take control of a situation. I assure you, no woman will even give you the time of day and any potential business partner or whatever the case may be will be looking beyond you. When you walk or stand in a room the correct power signal is to stand straight shoulders back and taking up as much space as humanly possible. Your feet are shoulder width or slightly wider with your shoulders back and nicely relaxed.

Your head is held up high and your eyes are always looking straight or higher. Looking down when you are in a room or interacting with people is rarely acceptable. I would say the ONLY time this is acceptable is when you do so out of kindness to a woman with whom you have locked eyes and you instantly know she senses your Alpha Male status, but you realize she is your bosses daughter and therefore you look down to let her off the hook. Smart move!

When you are standing, you are still and poised. You don’t rock back and forth or sway or lean from one side to another. You are relaxed but at attention. Your arms lay nicely by your sides and are not crossed and for the love of god keep your hands out of your pockets.

Now Alpha Dog, you can take it a step further if you so dare. Ensure three critical areas are exposed; your chest, throat and crotch should never be hidden by your hands or arms. In fact put your hands behind your back to make an important statement about your level of confidence. Don’t forget your tactical prowess my friend, where possible put your back to a wall and command the room from an elevated position.

You must stand before you walk, and walk before you run. Use these key points to deliver the Alpha Power Signals whenever you enter a room. Watch how people react to you when you are relaxed, confident and giving the appearance of being in control. It’s only getting better from here. In the next article we will discuss how the proper walk is a great Power Signal.


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