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Is Your Brain Alpha or Beta – Find Out Here…

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Tonight we went to my buddy’s place to roast a lamb on the BBQ.

The amount of manliness was ridiculous. I’m going to tell you more on that in a second but first I will attempt to paint you the picture.

As I roll up to the house I see 9 dudes standing around the custom built rotisserie BBQ that you can actually pull behind a truck.

I take my place around the BBQ, steeped in manhood, and around comes the first shot of Grappa as we baste the lamb with a wisk made from one of the pine trees in the yard.

What? Implements made from the trees? Now that’s badass.

Once that process was complete, we literally carried the lamb off the rack, much like we would have done back in our caveman days, and took it in the house, carved it and served it to our wives.

Now none of this was really intentional but it truly was a version of times passed and illustrates the role and status of a man.

When I talk about status, there are some really interesting things that were actually happening.

It’s crazy, but without the guys knowing it, their bodies were having a chemical response to what was happening.

The MPFC (medial prefrontal cortex) was working on overtime.

Researchers recently discovered this part of the brain is responsible for determining or reflecting on how we fit in the social hierarchy.

I’m going to give you a bit of insight into the power of understanding this so stay with me.

In various scenarios our MPFC responds in a way that is positive in the striatium(the positve reward side) or negative, indula (the negative reward side) of the brain.

Now when we do things that we perceive, or we believe others perceive as being positive, there is a chemical response in our brain, specifically a release of seratonin.

So using the example of the guys who actually carried the meat into the kitchen, who subconsciously would be viewed as being providers, would (and likely unknown to them) experience elevated status and a rise in testosterone and seratonin.

Experiments have shown that elevated levels of seratonin eventually led to elevated status and eventually dominance.

But not in the way you might think.

Here is the B.S the media suggest about the role of alpha males. It’s always about aggressive douche bags who maintain their power through force or through positional power.

Who among us hasn’t experienced a boss who leverages their power without some quality analysis of the impacts of their actions…hands up!

But research shows us this isn’t quite accurate.

Researchers have noted time and time again that in male chimps it is not aggressive behavior that leads to dominance.

It is pro-social behavior and kindness. Doing things for others, providing security, taking a leadership role to ensure the rest are safe.

Being friendly and protective. Calm but Vigilant.

And you know how it’s easy to spot a low status male with low serotonin levels?

It is the ones who use aggression, deprecation and attempts to engage in conflict.

You see the low status male thinks he has something to gain from this kind of childish behavior.

The true Alpha Male knows there is too much to lose by engaging in these ridiculous types of behavior.

It’s ironic isn’t it?

The aggressive approach to status keeps men in their low status position. They think insulting and bullying will get them status but the reality is it creates resentment and isolation.

This is why as part of developing our mission, my biz partner Adam and I felt is was critical to create the strength, skills, health and wealth to LEAD, NURTURE and PROTECT.

You see, simply taking the time to open the door for your wife, helping an elderly person with some groceries to the car or driving a kid in need to a team practice will elevate your status.

This is the path to becoming an Alpha Male in the true sense, not the bullshit the media suggests.

Stay wired tight boys and keep focused.

Stand Apart,


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