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How to get rid of Man Boobs [Chest Fat]

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If you have been battling man boobs, here’s a few suggestions. The fact is most men don’t take pride in their physiques. With obesity being an epidemic, and low testosterone levels rampant, men can become frustrated and annoyed by their bodies.

An even more distressing issue that can really destroy a man’s confidence is developing breast tissue. This is a medical condition known as gynecomastia.

What Is Gynecomastia?

The technical term for man boobs is Gynecomastia, or ‘Gyno’ is a disorder that causes men to develop breast tissue. It is a combination of issues that cause the disruption of the endocrine system, and may be caused by low testosterone, high estrogen, and other hormonal imbalances.

This is something many people don’t understand. They assume that these ‘man boobs’ are just a result of excess body fat. Fat plays a role for sure, but too many leaner men are developing breast tissue.

Typically young men going through puberty or elderly men were the only ones who exhibited signs of gynecomastia. This was a result of hormonal balances which are common at those ages. Now that we’re seeing it more in the general population of men it is more of a cause for concern. It is an excellent example of how out of balance hormones are in our environment and that many men are at risk.

Fortunately, Gyno is not a life-threatening issue. It won’t cause any long-term physiological issues so there is no need to panic. While Gyno won’t cause harm itself, it is the symptom of larger issues at hand which must be solved.

Additionally, the emotional stress that comes with Gyno is quite clear. Men who suffer from gynecomastia take a big hit to their confidence and masculinity. Not only does it look unattractive, but it can cause confusion about how to best cure this issue. To make matters worse, a lot of people feel that having expensive surgery is their only option. In fact, there are many of natural approaches to fix this issue which will be discussed below. But first, we need to identify exactly what Gynecomastia is.

The Symptoms of Gynecomastia 

Though gynecomastia is becoming more and more common in men, it’s rarer than most men would imagine. Too often men who spend too much time staring in the mirror will have come to the conclusion that they ‘definitely’ have Gyno because their chest looks a bit off. Maybe they’re a bit bloated that day or their nipples are puffy for some reason.

Man boobs are so much more than this.

To truly be able to tell if you have gynecomastia, you will have to observe symptoms like swollen breast tissue and breast tenderness. Also, if you have pain or swelling in the chest region you should contact a doctor. They’ll be the only ones who can truly make a determination.

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How to Fix Man Boobs (Exercise, Diet, Supplements, Lowering Estrogen)

If you are exhibiting definite signs of Gynecomastia, know that your body is being overrun by estrogen. There is no need to panic though as a disciplined regimen of balancing hormones will help to combat this issue, such as a nutritional regimen like the SpecForce TCycle Diet.

Also, talking to a medical professional is certainly recommended. Doctors can diagnose you and give advice, but otherwise there are steps you can take to both counter Gyno and prevent it from occurring in the first place.

In general, the approach to tackling gynecomastia is the same as a general approach to decreasing levels of estrogen (e.g. Diet, supplementation). It’d also important to emphasize that Gyno is a hormonal problem—not a fat problem—which is why you must primarily target estrogen.

Here are a few steps to take:

  • Avoid Consumption of Xeno-Estrogens: Estrogen is all around us: It’s in our food, our water, and common household goods and cleaners. Wherever possible, do your due diligence and check to see if certain products contain harmful compounds like BPA. Always choose products that are free in these chemicals and only use natural ingredients. In terms of food, avoid meat and dairy that aren’t organic as they are loaded with hormones.
  • Fix Nutrient Deficiencies: High estrogen levels are often a result of deficiencies, in particular micronutrients. These include magnesium, B-vitamins, and zinc—the latter of which plays an important role in curbing the production of estrogen through inhibiting aromatase. Taking either a comprehensive multi-vitamin, or targeting specific nutrient deficiencies, will help to fix this issue. You can fix these deficiencies either through supplementation, or eating whole, organic foods rich in the micronutrients you need.
  • Avoid Alcohol: One of the main ingredients in beer is hops—this is a phytoestrogen which affects hormone levels in the body. Alcoholic beverages besides beer may drive estrogen levels up as well, so in general they should be avoided.
  • Use Supplements: In addition to supplementing with micronutrients like zinc, other substances like resveratrol can help to balance hormones.
  • Lose Body Fat: While Gyno is not a fat problem, higher body fat leads to higher estrogen, which leads to more fat gain—you get the picture. Estrogen and fat are so closely tied so you have to do your best to tackle them both simultaneously.
  • Proper Exercise: Going off the last point, shedding fat will certainly help get rid of Gyno. Doing a lot of pushups, however, won’t get rid of it—that’s not how this works. Lifting weights and doing high-intensity cardio will lower estrogen levels long-term, which is what should be the focus of your exercise regimen.

All of the above factors play an important role in fixing Gynecomastia long-term. Start by making sme major changes to yur diet and lifestyle, and then slowly start to add in the various supplements.

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As you can see there are a number of ways to get rid of man boobs, aka gynecomastia, naturally. There is no need to panic and schedule a surgery for something that you can take care of by simply implementing natural remedies.

This will certainly take time to fix, but in the long-run it will pay off. Instead of taking hormones or getting surgery, utilizing these health protocols will increase the quality of your life even more in the long run.



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