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How To Lift Overhead

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Here’s a quick video on proper overhead lifting technique


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4 thoughts on “How To Lift Overhead

  1. Raymond

    Hi Todd,

    I’m 56 and rather than hitting the gym, time poor I prefer to do a light weight workout at home!

    I work with light dumbbells of 7.5 kilos. I do an overhead exercise holding dumbbells in each hand and raising overhead. I do 3 sets of 15 and on my last set hold the overhead position for a static hold of 5 seconds. I also do curls, and flys with the same weights!. I incorporate planks and side planks as my routine. It keeps me somewhat toned but will I need to increase the weight of dumbbells to increase in muscle?

    1. Todd Post author

      Hey Raymond,

      Yes, the way to increase size and strength is to increase the demand on the muscle. If you don’t have additional weights what you can try is what is known as time under tension. This means slower raising and lowering times during the movement, such as 3 seconds in each direction. Give that a shot!

  2. Dave

    Nice video. I am 71. I am in better than average shape, but always worry about low back issues. Any problem with just doing seated machine presses as long as I fire up the glutes when activating the press?

    1. Todd Post author

      It’s important to have good form for sure but the advantages of working these muscles is well worth it.


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