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Think about this: Would James Bond avoid making open and bold eye contact with Honey Ryder? Most men play a cat and mouse game with a woman they are attracted to — going back and forth between glancing at her and the floor, making sure to avoid eye contact — hoping not to get caught.

Now, do you think 007 felt shy about striking up a conversation with Pussy Galore? Yet most guys start sweating bullets or choking on their words as soon as they get near an attractive woman. Within less than two minutes, chances are the conversation is done because he was too nervous and wasn’t able open the door to seduction.

Do you think the seductive powers of James Bond are merely down to his looks or his expensive tailored suits? The truth is, no matter how you look right now you can claim the same near magical ability to woo any woman at will.

This isn’t another one of those silly “dating” advice articles promising sex on demand using a bunch of silly gimmicks and one-liners.

In my years as a leader of elite first responders in the military and SWAT world, I’ve had the inside track on how Alpha males operate, and how they effortlessly get what they want. Including women.

I’ve also watched the Betas struggle to keep up. And believe me, the only difference is in the attitude. And it all starts with the seven steps I reveal below.

Bond probably does it on instinct. However, if you’re not used to these powerful mindset shifts they will go against every instinct you have. Overcome your hesitation and you will move one step closer to achieving a true Alpha state.


These 7 steps reveal the mindset tricks

you must embrace if you want to immediately

win a woman’s attention and compel her to

crave your advances

Step 1: Believe You Deserve It

The average Joe will kick himself for even thinking about talking to a beautiful woman. While the Alpha male is already walking towards her.

Most men don’t have what it takes to approach an attractive lady. Yet anyone can physically walk up to a woman and open their mouth. It’s the Beta male mindset that holds you back.

Alpha males are able to approach women because they have a sense of entitlement. They believe that women find them attractive and that they are entitled speak with them.

Beta males on the other hand have no such sense of entitlement. They think to themselves: “Who am I to approach that beautiful woman.” They’ll tell themselves that they are a nobody and it’s best to just stay put.

The Alpha male on the other hand is anxious to start a conversation. He doesn’t need a reason to approach her beyond the fact that he finds her attractive. He comes across as a fun and gregarious man; the type of man all women crave.

You now see having the proper mindset is the foundation to approaching women and carrying on a conversation with them, but there’s a lot more to it.

Step 2: Dress For Success

There are women all around you; everywhere you go. Where there are women, there are opportunities to approach and attract. Whether it be an art museum, café, park, nightclub, football game etc. you are given countless opportunities.

Wherever you are, make sure you are the best dressed man in the building. This doesn’t necessarily mean wearing a three-piece suit like 007, yet you must be well groomed and have a sense of style.

And don’t come across as a try-hard. Just a man who likes to dress well.

Step 3: Command the Room

Regardless if you’re rolling solo or with a group, you should always seek to be chatty and social. Even if you don’t consider yourself naturally talkative, it is essential to talk to people for two reasons:

  1. It Builds Momentum, and
  2. You give off a fun and friendly vibe

Listen, you can’t just expect to lurk in a corner all night and then two hours later talk to the sexiest girl in the room. You need to build momentum throughout the night. This means you’re talking to everyone: The door man, the bartenders, old ladies, divorced 40 year old women etc.

The second point is important because whether you know it or not there’s a good chance that the girl you approach later in the night has already seen you earlier. Yes, available women scope out guys just as men do, yet they rarely approach. Rather they are preparing themselves for when you approach.

So what will they think of you when they see that you sat in the corner the whole night? Lame, creepy, boring?.

But what about if they notice you talking to everyone, having a good time and living it up? “Wow! Who is that guy?”

So all these factors: Entitlement, momentum, fun, appearance, etc. come into play before you even approach!

Step 4: Man Up

Alright, so you’ve spent some time warming up, having fun and you spot a beautiful woman. It’s time to act.

The original sleazy Pick-Up Artists came up with the ‘3-second Rule’. It states that if you don’t approach a girl within 3 seconds of seeing her, there is a good chance you won’t approach her because you’d have found some excuse not to.

For the most part, these “dating advice” guys are full of shit. But for once I agree.

Now, when you approach you must do it with conviction. Don’t stand next to her waiting five minutes for her to turn and notice you. Simply walk up and give her a simple “Excuse Me” or a tap on the shoulder.

Or if she already noticed you approaching, smile and make solid eye contact.

Now that you have her attention. Make it count. Please avoid the cliché lines. Stick with something simple like “Hi” — it’s understated and can leave her wondering where you’ll go from there.

And then follow up with something like: “You looked like you were having fun so I thought I’d come and join you.”

Easy as that. You’re in…

Step 5: Be Engaging

If approaching a woman is the hardest part of seduction, then starting a conversation and keeping it moving are the next hardest.

The art of conversation is not something that you’re born with, but a skill that you develop over time. This is why it’s important to be chatty and friendly throughout your daily life, as it carries over to talking with women.

Now you may be assaulted by negative self talk like… “What do I say?” or “What if she has no interest in talking to me?”

Disregard that negative voice and remember you are an Alpha and you have a right to be here talking to this beautiful woman. Get out of your own head and have some fun.

Be relaxed and friendly. Treat these women with respect, but in the same friendly manner you’d use with your guy friends.

Get to know them a bit. Get their names, what they’re drinking, why they’re here etc. all while maintaining a fun, masculine and sexual presence.

However, avoid asking her the cliché questions like “Where do you work?” They come across as forced and kill the vibe of the interaction. Plus, that’s what every other guy out there is doing. Leave the Beta male tactics to them…

Step 6: Coordinate the Flow

If you’ve managed to make it several minutes into the conversation then you’re in a pretty good position.

Listen, if a girl or her friends aren’t attracted to you or get a bad vibe from you they will politely end the interaction within 2-3 minutes. They don’t want to waste their time with a guy they have no interest in talking to. However, if they seem to be giving you their attention, and are partaking in the conversation, then that is a great sign.

Within the first half-hour or so, the man is expected to do most of the talking. It is your role to come up with conversation topics, and lead the conversation into new directions.

As time goes on, the conversation should flow naturally. If there are too many silences that means that you need to work on filling in the gaps. While silences are not the worst things that can happen, they kill the momentum of the conversation.

Step 7: Break Her Away

Because you approached this girl with the purpose of wooing her, at some point you will inevitably have to move the conversation towards that end. Simply chatting all night won’t get you anywhere.

Once you feel like you’ve built up a strong amount of attraction and rapport, isolate her from the group.

A simple, “Let’s get some air” or “Let’s take a seat at this table,” will do. Note how these are phrased in the form of a statement, not a question; always lead!

Once you have her alone, it’s time to become more intimate. Place your hand on her hips or waist. Brush her hair out of her face. Gaze intently into her eyes.

Remember, all of your actions should be unapologetic. You’re a man who goes after what he likes, and isn’t ashamed of his nature.

Where things go from there is up to you and your beautiful woman.


Warning: You May Face An Added Obstacle

It’s now proven that simply displaying Alpha male signals like the 7 steps outlined in this article will actually cause a physical increase in your hormones of manliness. However, that’s not always enough.

You see, guys today have it a lot harder than men of even 2 generations ago. In fact, your testosterone levels are probably at least 20% lower than your grandfathers were at your age.

And it’s well known that low testosterone suppresses Alpha male behaviour and makes it harder for you to approach women and maintain your status with other men.

Scientists reckon most of the decline in testosterone is from something called xenoestrogens — nasty chemicals that act like the female hormone estrogen in your body. You absorb them through your skin. You swallow them when you eat and drink.

The challenge to your manhood is so bad that a lot of guys are resorting to dangerous Hormone Replacement Therapy just to get back to a level of testosterone that would have been “normal” for your grandfather.

Don’t make that drastic decision just yet though. There are natural exercise strategies, supplements and simple food choices that can go a long way to reversing the damage.

On the next page I share the specific exercise system I created to keep my special operations clients at the top of their game, and that I have now shared with thousands of guys around the world.

Just click the Next Page button below to discover the safe, efficient and proven method to naturally optimize your male hormone levels and secure your Alpha status…


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