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Are Modern Diets Destroying Your Sex Drive?

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As I enjoyed the Seattle Seahawks game live last Sunday I was struck by an announcement running in the guys washroom. It was talking about how “advanced” the nutrition systems in schools have become…offering a wide range of “low fat” selections and other garbage the food industry is forcing down kids throats, while they continue to suffer from obesity and hormonal disfunction as they transition into adult hood.

People…you NEED healthy fats, among other key nutrients in your diet.

A breakthrough article published in the US National Library of Medicine, reports modern “diets” are shrinking free and total testosterone concentration in men (1). The study selected 30 healthy, middle-aged males, placing them on one of today’s most popular, low-fat, high fiber nutrition programs. Researchers noted a “significant decrease” in testosterone levels over the course of the experiment. And concluded even a “healthy” diet is not necessarily optimal for men who want to increase their male-sex hormones.

This report is especially important for men over the age of 30. Because after 30, your body naturally begins to produce less testosterone. And your T-levels start to drop year after year. Making muscle building more challenging and fat loss exceedingly difficult. However, it doesn’t have to be this way for you.

Because similarly to how the low fat, high fiber diet listed above, lowered testosterone levels in men. There is an optimal diet available for men to maximize their testosterone cycle by following a specific macronutrient profile and nutrition protocol. Allowing them to increase their master male-sex hormones despite age or current physical shape. Keeping men building muscle, burning fat, and ramping up their sex-drive well into their 40’s, 50’s, 60’s and beyond.

You may not have known this. And it’s not your fault. Because 90% of the “diet” industry is marketed toward women. Which means the research, food selections, the macronutrient profiles, and nearly everything in today’s popular nutrition plans were created for women to succeed. Not men.

Which presents a problem. Because most guys just “follow along” with the latest trends and fads. Unknowingly sabotaging their male hormones and feminizing their cellular structure. Eventually manifesting into more fat, weakened muscle, achy joints, decreased sex drive, and in some cases, erectile dysfunction.

However, feminizing diet plans are not your only option. And today you can reverse your biological clock and crank-up your testosterone levels so you can experience more sex, have a lot more muscle, and sport a lean, athletic physique, year round. At the end of the day, your diet should accomplish two things. Achieving optimal body composition and enhancing your “performance”, both inside the bedroom and out.

Here’s what happens when you repair your male hormone cycle through a proper nutrition approach designed entirely for men:

For one, you quickly unlock faster weight loss and rev-up your metabolism by increasing your anabolic growth hormone levels.

Take one study from the Department of Internal Medicine (2), who compared the results of dieting men and women; one group with the supplementation of low-dose growth hormone, the other, a simple placebo.

The group following a calorie restrictive diet, supplemented with a low dose of growth hormone, had faster fat loss results and burned more total fat than the patients in the group taking the placebo. Not only that, but the supplemented group also gained muscle during the experiment while the group without growth hormone actually lost muscle. Which, muscle loss while dieting is possible, unless you maximize your T-Cycle.

Now, I don’t think you’re one of those guys willing to spend thousands of dollars on growth hormone replacement therapy. Or suffer the painful side-effects of HGH treatment like, muscle and joint pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, numbness, gynecomastia (man boobs), and high blood pressure.

And I’m sure you’re not one of those guys who wants to get his hands dirty in the underground “black market” of growth hormone drugs or creams, which are both pricy and unsafe.

Instead, you can maximize growth hormone levels and ramp up your testosterone production without side-effects or expensive and potentially dangerous treatments, simply by repairing your male hormone cycle.

Better yet, you’ll ignite new muscle growth without exercise. Because the T-Cycle Diet allows you to reverse your declining testosterone levels so your body can naturally and effortlessly increases its lean muscle mass.

If you’ve read any of our previous articles, it’s no surprise higher levels of testosterone in men equates to greater and faster muscle gains. Don’t believe me? One study (of countless others), published by the University of Medicine and Science in Los Angeles, California determined testosterone concentration directly affects fat-free mass and strength (3). Meaning, the more testosterone a male has in his bloodstream, the more muscular he will be and the more weight he will lift during a workout.

Like I said, probably not a “shock”, yet provides some reinforcement for you.

Truth is, as a male, every selection you make regarding your workouts and nutrition should have one goal in mind. Increasing testosterone. Because testosterone is the biological source to everything a man could want, physically.

If you’ve ever brushed up on the symptoms of, “low-T” you’ll see it comes with deceased muscle mass, increased fat gain, lowered sex-drive, erectile dysfunction, low energy, etc… The complete opposite of what any man would want. And what any woman would want for her man (let’s be honest).

It’s crucial you take good care of your testosterone levels, keeping them as high as you can until you leave God’s green earth. Because your male hormones are essential for you to thrive and survive. And you can, by quickly repairing your male hormone cycle (first) and then maximizing your male sex-hormones (second). Which can be complicated if you don’t know what you’re doing.

So here are your marching orders. Watch this video and learn how you can repair your T-Cycle and optimize your testosterone levels today for more sex-drive, increased libido and a muscular, lean, and athletic physique. I’ll simplify the process for you. And show you how quick and easy it can be to build muscle and burn fat when you follow a diet protocol specifically designed for your male biology. It’s time to get off the feminine nutrition programs and eat, feel, and perform like a man again.  ( Click Here To Repair Your T-Cycle)


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