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Is Quinoa An Erection Food?

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Quinoa might just be the perfect erection food.  Like kale or Goji berries, quinoa (pronounced keen-wa) is one of those foods that have become UBER-popular in the last few years.

Admittedly, until I started to really examine men’s health issues I had no idea how many guys suffer from ED (erectile dysfunction). When I stopped and thought about how it might negatively affect a man’s self esteem I felt compelled to find solutions. I began to research it more in depth I was amazed how complex and devastating this problem is on a deep emotional level for millions of men.

I was interested in finding a natural remedy and saw there were a number of natural foods that have been given the label – erection food. Turns out quinoa is one of them.

You can’t walk into a restaurant without hearing about this quinoa salad or that  quinoa baked something or another.  It has really become aligned with a vegan lifestyle however it can support a broad range of other health benefits, including being considered as an erection food.

So it’s a good thing that quinoa is everywhere!

This little grain may not be much to look at, but you’d be amazed by all it can do. We’re not just talking about better health overall—nope, you’ll find it also one of the BEST foods you can eat for a healthier erection.

Quinoa Nutritional Facts

First off, let’s take a look at the cold, hard (no pun intended) data of what you get from a single serving (one 100-gram cup) of quinoa:

Calories 120
Water 72 %
Protein 4.4 g
Carbs 21.3 g
Sugar 0.9 g
Fiber 2.8 g
Fat 1.9 g
Saturated 0.23 g
Monounsaturated 0.53 g
Polyunsaturated 1.08 g
Omega-3 0.09 g
Omega-6 0.97 g
Trans fat ~



Amount %DV
Vitamin E 0.63 mg 4%
Vitamin B1 (Thiamine) 0.11 mg 9%
Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin) 0.11 mg 8%
Vitamin B3 (Niacin) 0.41 mg 3%
Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine) 0.12 mg 9%
Folate 42 µg 11%
Choline 23 mg 4%



Amount %DV
Calcium 17 mg 2%
Iron 1.49 mg 19%
Magnesium 64 mg 16%
Phosphorus 152 mg 22%
Potassium 172 mg 4%
Sodium 7 mg 0%
Zinc 1.09 mg 10%
Copper 0.19 mg 21%
Manganese 0.63 mg 27%
Selenium 2.8 µg 5%


(Courtesy of Authority Nutrition)

As you can see, there’s a lot of pretty awesome nutrients in quinoa!

Quinoa is a low-GI carbohydrate. This means that it delivers a hefty dose of carbs, but with plenty of fiber to slow down the carb absorption rate. You won’t have to worry about a sugar spike or crash when eating quinoa—the fiber will keep the carbs absorbing slowly and steadily for hours to come.

The calorie content of quinoa isn’t too bad, either. At just 120 calories for a single serving, you’ll find that quinoa is a low-calorie way to fill up. The soluble fiber will swell up in your stomach, helping you to feel full more quickly. The result: less hunger pangs and cravings.

All in all, quinoa is one of the best foods for your overall health, thanks to the wide range of nutrients it contains!

6 Reasons Quinoa is an Erection Food

But this article is titled “Is Quinoa an Erection Food?” not “How Awesome is Quinoa?” We’re here to talk about how this amazing ancient grain can help to give you harder, stronger, and longer erections.

There are a surprising number of ways quinoa can help to improve your erections:

Provides Ecdysteroids – Ecdysteroids [1] are natural steroids that can help to increase muscle tone, energy production, and circulation. These natural plant steroids (found in quinoa) encourage the production of the ATP energy your muscles need to grow, leading to better muscular anabolism.

But ATP energy also plays a role in erectile function [2]—specifically helping to relax the corpus cavernosa to allow blood to flow into the penis. More ATP in the muscles helps to encourage better circulation to the genitals, meaning better erections.

Provides Zinc – Zinc is one of those VERY important minerals your body needs in order to function properly. It plays a role in brain health as well as immune function. However, in the case of erections, zinc is necessary for one simple reason: it plays a role in the production of testosterone. [3]

Zinc is one of the minerals your body needs in order to produce testosterone. Insufficient zinc intake can lead to erectile dysfunction, so getting enough zinc in your diet is a key to improving not just the health of your erections, but every other bodily function affected by testosterone.

Bonus: Zinc can also help to reduce the risk of depression and anxiety, two of the primary contributing factors in cases of erectile dysfunction.

As you’ll see on the table above, quinoa is an AMAZING source of zinc. Just 1 serving will deliver 10% of your daily dose of the mineral. Eat a few servings (along with other zinc-rich foods), and you will improve your testosterone production and overall reproductive health.

Provides Complete Amino Acids –When you eat other plant-based foods (like brown rice or barley), you get SOME of the amino acids needed to produce proteins and ATP energy. You have to make sure to eat multiple plant proteins (like beans and rice together) to ensure you’re getting the essential amino acids.

Not so with quinoa! Quinoa is one of the few complete plant-based protein sources on the planet. Eating quinoa on its own, you still get all nine amino acids required to produce protein—and, in turn, ATP energy.

As we’ve seen above, ATP energy plays a role in your erections. Getting more protein will deliver the ATP your body needs to relax your corpus cavernosa and improve blood flow to your penis. Ergo, more complete proteins = better erections!

Provides Magnesium – Magnesium is another mineral your body can’t live without. It does a lot of amazing things for you: regulates your blood pressure, prevents hypertension, increases calcium absorption, protects your cardiovascular system, and more.

When it comes to erectile function, magnesium is one of the most important minerals. It is vital for healthy circulation and low blood pressure. Poor circulation and high blood pressure reduce the flow of blood to your penis, which can lead to erectile difficulties. By getting more magnesium, you ensure all of your sex organs are receiving enough blood flow to function properly.

Quinoa delivers 16% of your daily dose of magnesium per 100 grams. Eat a normal-sized meal of quinoa, protein, and veggies, and you’ll get a hefty amount of this vital mineral.

Provides Superoxide Dismutase – Superoxide Dismutase, or SOD, is called a “superantioxidant” due to its ability to break down free radical activity in the body. It can reduce oxidative stress and damage, effectively reducing your risk of developing chronic health problems.

But SOD also can have direct effects on your erection. SOD stops your body from producing PDE5m [4], a protein that inhibits the breakdown of nitric oxide. Your body must break down nitric oxide in order to produce an erection. Basically, PDE5m prevents erections, but SOD keeps your body breaking down nitric oxide properly.  The result is better erections!

Quinoa is an amazing source of manganese, copper, and zinc, three of the minerals required to produce SOD. Basically, quinoa enables your body to produce its own SOD just by delivering the precursor minerals.

Provides Glutamic Acid and L-Arginine – These two nutrients play important roles in your erections. They contribute to two very essential things:

  1. They help to increase nitric oxide production. This ensures your body has the NO it needs to relax your blood vessels and allow for better blood flow to the penis.
  2. They help to manage your blood pressure. High blood pressure and hypertension can reduce blood flow to the penis, leading to softer erections that don’t last as long. By controlling your blood pressure, these two nutrients encourage better circulation to your sex organs. This leads to an increase in testosterone production (courtesy of more blood flow to the gonads) and harder, stronger, and longer-lasting erections.

As you can see, quinoa is definitely one of the foods to try if you want to improve your erections. While it’s not the “magic bullet” that will give you rock-hard erections overnight, it’s an amazing source of the nutrients your body needs to restore itself to full reproductive health. A few weekly servings of quinoa can make a huge difference over the course of weeks and months. Combined with all of your other efforts, you’ll begin to see visible results thanks to the erection-boosting properties of quinoa.

Other Health Benefits of Quinoa

Above, we looked at the main benefits of quinoa in terms of erection-boosting, but the truth is that quinoa offers A LOT more! There are so many awesome reasons to add quinoa to your diet:

  1. No gluten – Quinoa is a 100% gluten-free grain, so celiacs and non-celiacs alike can enjoy it. It makes for a delicious addition to any meal, and it can help gluten-free dieters get the carbs, minerals, and antioxidants they are unable to consume now that they’ve cut gluten foods out of their diet. It’s vital for a healthy nutrient balance.
  2. Tons of fiber – Quinoa is loaded with both soluble and insoluble fiber. Soluble fiber absorbs liquid, toxins, cholesterol, sugar, and fats, preventing them from being absorbed into the body. Insoluble fiber will help to scour your intestines and eliminate excess waste. All high-fiber foods belong on your diet, and quinoa is definitely one of the best of the lot!
  3. Improve your heart health – While we looked at quinoa’s ability to boost blood flow to your penis, the truth is that the circulation-increasing benefits of quinoa affects your entire body. The alpha-linolenic acid can reduce your heart attack fatality risk and manage blood pressure levels. You’ll find you have much better overall circulation thanks to quinoa.
  4. Reduce diabetes risk – Diabetes is often the results of chronically high consumption of low-fiber, high-sugar foods. Quinoa has all the fiber you need to reduce carb absorption, making it an excellent food for controlling blood sugar levels. All high-fiber foods can combat diabetes. However, quinoa contains special enzymes [5] that can help to fight diabetes. The antioxidants can also reduce inflammation, improve insulin response, and prevent blood sugar spikes. The result: a much lower risk of diabetes, all thanks to the quinoa!
  5. Lose weight – Yes, quinoa is an EXCELLENT weight loss food! As mentioned above, it’s an excellent source of soluble fiber, which will swell up when it absorbs water, sugar, or cholesterol. This helps to fill up your stomach and stops you from being hungry, reducing your risk of cheating on your diet or overeating. Quinoa promotes satiety, which stop you from feeling hungry again for hours after your meal.
  6. Fight cancer – Quinoa is rich in an antioxidant called quercetin. In fact, it’s one of the best sources of this antioxidant, which can reduce your risk of more than one type of cancer. [6] It’s definitely one of those useful foods to add to an anti-cancer diet!
  7. More antioxidants – In addition to the quercetin (a potent antioxidant) in quinoa, there is another antioxidant called kaempferol. Both of these antioxidants are able to fight depression, inflammation, viruses, bacteria, and carcinogens in the body. They can reduce oxidative damage and scavenge free radicals. Thanks to these antioxidants, you can have a much healthier body!


The beauty of quinoa is that it’s VERY easy to add to your diet! While quinoa is a very pricey food ($5-$10 for ½ a pound), you’ll find that it’s worth the high price. As you’ve seen above, you can seriously improve your health by adding quinoa into your soups, stews, and dishes.

Listen bro quinoa has proven to be an effective erection food, so you will notice harder, stronger, and longer-lasting erections thanks to the quinoa. It may not be an overnight transformation, but give it time. Soon enough, you’ll feel better overall, and your body will respond to the change in your diet. Quinoa really does work!



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