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Imagine. You’re at the annual summer picnic or some similar social event with a bunch of friends or coworkers.

You’re thinking you’d like to get to know some of these folks better. Everyone is sharing great stories and now its your turn.

As you regale the group with your tale of seemingly endless fun, excitement and good times, you look around and see that everyone is really interested in what you’re saying.

You begin to relax and finish up your juicy story…

And then it happens…

1picard-rikerCaptain One-Up pipes in with his usual… “Yeah…I did that and then I did something even cooler.

Just like that he breaks your momentum and dismisses your importance.

And it’s an overt manoeuvre to make you look dumb and feel like an ass. It is calculated and it is done with purpose.

And it is YOUR choice to accept it or not…

However if you want to live the Alpha life you can never accept that kind of psychological warfare to go unaddressed.

Picture that scene from Good Will Hunting. (If you haven’t seen it, make sure you do…)

Ben Affleck’s character is getting “big leagued” by a college chump and gets bailed out by Matt Damon’s character.

After a short verbal exchange with the college chump who ends up leaving, Damon’s character gets the girl’s number.

He sees the guy later and says, ”You like apples?”

2good-will-huntingWhen the guy finally says yes Damon slaps a napkin on the window with her number and says, “ I got her number… How ya like them apples!!”

That’s what the Alpha does to chumps who try to one-up him…

Here’s the problem…most guys don’t even know its coming. By the time you realize what just happened you have been outgunned and now it is way too late.

What’s even worse is when you don’t know how to handle this situation properly. You might as well retreat to the punch bowl and use the ladle to fish around and see if there’s a set of nuts floating in there.

Ok that might be a bit harsh and you don’t have to sweat it too much because it is far more common than you might think.

Listen man… there’s a proven formula for social interaction that will have you at the top of your game, oozing charisma and leaving people hanging on your words waiting for the next line.

Social Domination Strategy #1

Know Your Story Arsenal

In terms of weapons in your arsenal story telling should be your “Go To”. Great stories keep people engaged.

Humorous stories are an even more effective way to deliver a message or convey an idea. Did you know that women select humor as one of the most desirable traits in a man.

Now if you’re thinking you can’t tell stories because you don’t have the confidence, stick with me here and let’s see where you end up!

The key is to know your stories in advance. Think about all the interesting things that have happened to you or people you know. Write it all out. And know it like the back of your hand.

That’s why Special Operators can assemble their weapons blindfolded. You have to know your weapons inside out…

Social Domination Strategy #2

Claim Your Ground

You can either give off the approachability of a brick wall or something a little more inviting… oh I dunno like say a warm human being!

If you are standing off to the side of the group with your head down, shoulders rounded or slumped, you are battleNOrleansin trouble my friend.

This type of posture and body language instantly signals to those around you that you have a beta male mindset.

What’s worse is that this kind of posture creates a chemical response in your body that suppresses your natural testosterone production. It’s a vicious cycle. Because as those Alpha hormones sink, your body language gets even worse…

So claim your ground. Stand, sit and move like an Alpha. I’ll be posting lots of articles on this site with specific body language advice. Yet for now just watch your favorite Bond movie and move like him!

Social Domination Strategy #3

Know The Rules of Engagement

Ever notice how quickly people become disengaged when they are listening to someone talk all about themselves… endlessly… on an on?

I reckon you’ve got a mental image of “that guy” right? No matter what the situation or the story he somehow finds a way to make it all about him.

So when you actually get interested in the person you’re talking to it’s EASY to stand out.

You need to be genuinely interested in what others have to say. If you aren’t then try not to engage in a conversation with them because it will become apparent almost immediately.

If someone has a concern then you need to respond in a manner that is genuine and displays the kind of interest that makes you worth having a conversation with.

Social Domination Strategy #4

Do Your Recon

If you aren’t listening, you will be unable to extract critical information you need for learning what exactly is on mind of your listeners.

5recon-marinesIf you are being bombarded by your own internal dialogue trying to formulate a response or make a point you are going to miss something very important.

Turn off your own thoughts, don’t worry about making any particular points and instead just listen.

If you can do this effectively you will find that you can impress the person with your ability to empathize and display genuine compassion or understanding.

You aren’t scoring points here. This isn’t about listening and having some snappy comeback or remark.

By taking the time to actually listen you will have earned the trust of the person you are talking to. Which is among the most important things you can do.

Social Domination Strategy #5

Assume Victory

I am not talking about an ego trip here. In fact it’s just the opposite. Confidence isn’t an over abundance of bravado or ego filled interactions with others.

The truth is confidence is the exact opposite. It is the quiet belief in one’s abilities or expertise. It comes from the ability to face a situation and knowing the situation can be overcome as a result of your belief in your knowledge, skills and abilities.

When you believe in yourself you will emanate a certain vibe that most certainly women are attracted to and guys won’t even challenge.

Heads Up: You Might Be Missing The Key Ingredient In The Formula

I’ve just laid out what amounts to a formula for achieving what can only be described as an insanely high level of Charisma.

Yet without the key ingredient you could run through steps 1-5 and never have any success in a room with 6testosteroneyour peers, at your job or with girls for that matter.

We already know the silent feminization of modern man is occurring at an alarming rate. In fact it is causing guys just like you to take some dangerous and drastic steps.

I see it all the time and to be honest is pisses me off. Guys who are marginalized and being pushed to the side because they are suffering from a lack of confidence.

Perhaps you feel what they feel… leading a life that is full of hopes and dreams unrealized. Regrets about what could have been, low self-esteem and downright anger at your current state.

Confidence is one thing – but a full blown charismatic existence begins quite simply by reclaiming what is your natural birthright as a man.

If you haven’t figured out the key ingredient to all of this, it is hands down the most important chemical to the male species.

Did you know the level of your success can be directly correlated to your level of testosterone?

It’s true. If you have low testosterone, display beta behaviors and are suffering from things like excess belly fat or man boobs you can be sure your level of success will suffer.

Like I mentioned guys are going to dark places to try and correct this and they are taking what I would consider to be very unnecessary risks.

Listen it doesn’t have to be hard, risky or scary for that matter. Reclaiming what is rightfully yours is pretty straightforward.

I used some of the “secrets” of my Spec Ops training to develop this simple but effective training plan, with some basic food choices and supplements…

On the next page I share a very specific, yet simple exercise regime that I have shared with my special operations clients and thousands of guys around the world who have used it to optimize their hormone levels, reclaim the lives they desire and ultimately their Alpha Status.


Todd Lamb is one world's most trusted sources of Health and Fitness information and programming. He has dedicated his life to the service of others having served as a member of the Royal Canadian Regiment in the Special Service Force and as 17 year veteran Police Officer with 10 years on SWAT and 4 as a Team Leader. Todd is dedicated to transforming the lives of 1,000,000 men through honest science based information backed up with years of practical experience in Tactical Operations. Todd is a Best Selling Author of multiple best selling fitness programs and the book STAND APART

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