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Best Breakfast Foods To Raise Testosterone

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When working to raise testosterone levels naturally you have to take a craftsman like approach to the process.

No operator undertakes a mission with a half assed, haphazard approach and working to raise testosterone should be no less serious an endeavour.

Diet is crucial in all aspects of health and fitness. We know that our diet is the principal factor in our weight, the way we look, feel and our energy levels.

Well.. really what that statement means is that nutrition underpins our hormonal health and when our hormones are balanced, we find our optimal health. Alpha Nation - Avocado Bacon and Eggs

So why is it that so many guys overlook their breakfast as a way to raise testosterone?

In the modern world, many guys claim to be “too busy” to eat a balanced breakfast. So they grab something from the cupboard like a box of cereal, pastries or some frozen, fat-laden breakfast burrito and that’s that.

You might as well sign out your MP5 Submachine Gun with G36 rounds…totally useless is the point I am trying to make

Nutritionists often call breakfast the ‘Most Important Meal of the Day’ so it’s sad to see so many people failing to take advantage of this.

In terms of being the most important meal of the day, it isn’t because of the fact it somehow provides you with unlimited energy and high mood for the rest of the day…

In fact if you do breakfast the wrong way it can actually create a foundation for fat gain. Here’s where it gets even more disturbing and the alarm bells should be sounding.

There are now more obese adults than skinny adults! (article) . Worldwide obesity rates among men have gone up from 3.2% in 1975 to 10.8%, whereas in women they have risen from 6.4 % in 1975 to 14.9%.

The study mentioned that this is equivalent to 266 million obese men and 375 million obese women worldwide in 2014. That is absolutely off the charts.

This is why I created my TCycle Diet, which focuses on correcting the hormonal profile of men and actually position them for success. Without balanced hormones, the correct ones, you are simply spinning your wheels.

But it’s hard isn’t it? Listen I run between 5 and 8% bodyfat and I still have to think about what I eat, how I want to perform and the impact of my plan on my daily and even weekly goals.

AlphaNation-NachosI always like to follow a plan to reduce the chances that I will go a stray and s
mash a bag of nachos with a bowl of salsa (I save that for the weekends).

For me it all starts at breakfast.

If you’ve been struggling to eat a healthy breakfast, or just want to know which breakfast foods are going to raise your Testosterone, check these suggestions out:

What to Eat (And what to avoid) To Raise Testosterone

These are some general guidelines for breakfast nutrition no matter your goals:

Get The Right Calories: Depending on your goals, you’re going to have to adjust your calories accordingly (e.g. Lower calories for fat loss).

This should be reflected in all your meals, meaning that if you’re aiming for  weight loss, it would be foolish to eat half your daily calories in the morning.

On the other hand, if you’re trying to gain lean mass, then you should make sure you’re getting enough calories in the morning.

Consume Fat: Getting a diet with plenty of fat is essential for proper hormonal function. Don’t be afraid to eat foods that are high in cholesterol either, as these foods have little impact on heart health. And remember, fatty foods are more than just eggs and meat, they include specific nuts, oils and avocadoes.

Avoid Lots of Carbs: A lot of people today are saying carbs are the enemy—this isn’t true. For optimal testosterone levels, men need to consume carbohydrates.

What the critics really are concerned with is the type of carbohydrates. For example, avoid simple sugars at breakfast and instead stick with complex, slow-digesting carbs. To be clear the timing of your carb intake is critical. If I haven’t trained I won’t eat them. My carb intake is post training whenever possible.

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no hfcs symbol

Pass on Processed Foods: The breakfast food industry is just loaded with food that’s terrible for your body. This includes sugary cereal, syrups, juices with high-fructose corn syrup among others.

These foods contain none of the nutrients needed for to raise testosterone production and will also lead to fat gain.

Not only are these bad for your T levels, but they cause insulin spikes which can create brain fog and fatigue—a terrible way to start your day!

Intermittent Fasting

A popular dieting regimen that has emerged in recent years is intermittent fasting. Essentially this is the process of only consuming calories within a short timeframe each day. For example, you may only eat within an 8 hour period, and fast for 16 hours. There are numerous benefits to this including rapid weight loss which has made it possible.

It has also been shown to increase growth hormone in the body (study) , which leads many to believe that it will definitely increase testosterone as well. Studies are still inconclusive on this, but it may be a good idea for guys who are trying to lose weight.

That said guys looking to pack on a lot of size should stick to a full breakfast post training. There are just too many benefits.

Caffeine Drinks

A hot beverage filled with caffeine is a staple in the morning routines of many people. Whether it’s coffee or tea, that soothing aroma is just something a lot of us just can’t live without—and that’s not a bad thing.

Coffee is often the subject of studies claiming that it is either amazing or terrible for health. The truth lies in the middle. When it comes to its effects on Testosterone, there is no overwhelming evidence that it drives it significantly in either direction.

As for green tea, the estrogen blocking effects are well studied (study). Estrogen blocking in addition to raising testosterone is a strategy that underpins the TCycle Diet.Alpha Nation - Green Tea

Issues may arise, however, if you become too dependent on caffeine. That will lead to a spike in cortisol levels (the hormone responsible for stress) which eventually leads to decline in Testosterone levels.

The Best Foods

The clear favorite for best breakfast food is eggs. Eggs are close to being the perfect food: High in protein, contain healthy fats, lots of vitamins and minerals, and dietary cholesterol which drives up testosterone. Eggs should be a breakfast staple cooked anyway you like them.

And this is where a common debate comes up: To eat the egg yolks or not? Decades ago egg yolks got a bad rap. People were strongly against fat consumption because they were under the assumption that these fats would lead to a.)

Higher cholesterol levels and b.) More body fat. The first misconception was just based on bad science. We now know that dietary cholesterol has little effect on blood cholesterol.

The real enemy of high cholesterol, according to organizations like the Cleveland Clinic, is Trans-fats. And in regards to body fat, gaining fat is more about calories consumed than a particular macronutrient.

Another food that has been labeled a public health enemy is bacon. Just like eggs, we now know that bacon isn’t going to necessarily drive up cholesterol. The problem is that packaged bacon often contains nitrates and other additives which are bad for health—always go natural when possible.

Additionally, to get the most balanced meal, couple your eggs with a bunch of spinach if you can. While we may not think of veggies as being a good fit for breakfast, they are perfect in an omelet or when you scramble your eggs just throw in the greens.Alpha Nation - Eggs

As far as fats go, eggs are good, but you should look to add more healthy fats to your meal.

Whether it’s cooking your eggs in coconut oil, or adding a big slice of avocado to them, make sure to get fats where you can.


If you’re still telling yourself that you’re ‘just too busy’ to eat a healthy breakfast, you need to get rid of that mindset ASAP. You should also actively be seeking ways to really make this happen.

For example, instead of staying up late go to bed earlier and then wake up earlier—simple. Not only will this give you more time to make a good breakfast, but you’ll get more sleep which will do wonders to raise Testosterone levels.

After you’ve made some time, start making your breakfasts focusing on the basics. Eggs and bacon is certainly a tasty and hormone-boosting combination. From there, you can start experimenting more with avocadoes, spinach, and even spices to see what your palate enjoys.



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