31 Dec , 17

Protect yourself #metoo

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Protect yourself. Mothers and Fathers I want you to share this with your sons and daughters, friends and colleagues. This post is an important one because I believe it can help people who are being victimized.  The mere fact there is a #metoo movement is profoundly disappointing. Let me explain. When we created the Alpha […]

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19 Dec , 17

Push Pull Leadership

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Push Pull Leadership is the topic of discussion in this article today. Im fortunate in that I’m writing from Scottsdale, AZ today which is a nice change from the winter weather in my hometown. Call Sign Niner… (aka my wife) was in need of some decent weather to lift her mood. Interesting side note… you […]

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21 Nov , 17

Never Fail Again

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The word fail has become a buzzword in the new millennium and it irritates me beyond belief. People look at failure as if it’s a bad thing. They see the collapse of a company, the unsuccessful launch of a product, or the middling results of a new concept, and they think, “Boy, what a silly […]

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10 Nov , 17

Survive A Terrorist Attack

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How to Survive a Terrorist Attack I don’t have to tell you that events such as vehicle ramming and active shooters continue at random around the US and the world. Lately it seems ramming with vehicles is on the rise, although this has been a jihadist tactic for some time now. The tactics I will […]

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6 Nov , 17

Leadership Skills – 4 ways to improve yours

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Leadership Skills. Some people have ’em and a hell of a lot more people don’t . What do you believe? Are great leaders are made or born. I want to share the observations I’ve made over my years of service in high risk professions with respect to what I believe makes a good leader. Many […]

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