26 Jul , 17

Force Multipliers and Force Disparity

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Force Multipliers and Force Disparity are the topics in this article and there is a very important acronym for you to remember as it relates to the Use of Force . In combat we define a force multiplier as follows: A capability that, when added to and employed by a combat force, significantly increases the combat potential […]

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23 Jul , 17

Craig Ballantyne Perfect Day Formula

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Craig Ballantyne Perfect Day Formula. The perfect day is one in which I control. The best “perfect day” would be waking up early at the lake and going out for a ski, coming back in to a hot cup of coffee and probably some bacon, eggs and hashbrowns. Then I would sit down and write […]

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21 Jul , 17

How To Find Water

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How to find water… not a question you want to be asking yourself when you are lost and suddenly find yourself spitting feathers because your mouth is so dry. If you don’t understand the reference above, turn back the clock, find a youtube video of Sylvester the cat eating Tweetie the bird… Sylvester always found […]

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14 Jul , 17

How To Develop High Performing Teams

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Development of High Performing Teams.  First let’s begin by defining precisely what a team is. Katzenbach and Smith, in “The Wisdom of Teams” define a team as follows: … a small number of people with complementary skills committed to a common purpose, performance goals and ways of working together for which they hold themselves mutually […]

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7 Jul , 17

Train Your Dog To Find Anything

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Your dog is an amazing animal capable of learning of some very impressive skills. There are very few things more primal than tracking another human being. The ability to track a bad guy who has committed a crime from a scene to where he is hiding takes thousands of hours of training. But it’s worth […]

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