20 Sep , 16

The Solution for Building Bigger Shoulders

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The Important Facts About Building Bigger Shoulders In order to be serious about building bigger shoulders you should understand that your shoulders are a very complex yet highly unstable joint. They need to be taken seriously if you want to add size. Leaving them out and relying on your other training to build shoulder strength is […]

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15 Sep , 16

Gain Size and Strength Fast

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How to gain size and strength fast is a question I get asked repeatedly. So  in this post I outline a strategy for size and strength that I have used effectively. I am going to cut through the bullshit as quickly as I can I will give you the simple answer. OK so you want to build the […]

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11 Sep , 16

Ordinary People Extraordinary Courage

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As I walked into the Staff Sergeant’s office to drop off a mitt full of paperwork he had the news on the television. I had an impaired driver in custody at the station and the paperwork takes about 4 hours…crazy. The date was Sept 11, 2001. The coverage was of a building on fire. The […]

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9 Sep , 16

How To Lose Belly Fat Without Exercise

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As I mentioned in the video, the reason I worked so hard to develop this protocol was because my wife had sustained some pretty serious injuries as a result of a car accident when she was working patrol as a Police Officer. She is still on the job today after 25 yrs but it has […]

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7 Sep , 16

How to get rid of Man Boobs [Chest Fat]

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If you have been battling man boobs, here’s a few suggestions. The fact is most men don’t take pride in their physiques. With obesity being an epidemic, and low testosterone levels rampant, men can become frustrated and annoyed by their bodies. An even more distressing issue that can really destroy a man’s confidence is developing […]

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